Hey y’all, anyone else having the hub_disconnected issue lately? I have a lock showing this on the other side of the country, rebooting the hub does not fix it. Extremely annoying, and ST status page shows no outages. Any other ways to remedy this besides rebooting?

I’ll put a support ticket in, but we know how that goes.

Edit: support recommended z-wave repair, moving the hub closer to the lock, and of course excluding the lock and pairing it again. Unacceptable!

Are you doing ‘reboot hub’ via the utilities in the API or just having someone power cycle it? Ive found most the times rebooting via the API fixes that issue, tho may take a couple times… Just pulling power doesnt seem to help.

Also is that lock zwave or zigbee? Most locks tend to be z-wave it seems, is your z-wave healthy and no issues when you do any repairs or scans or such?

Rebooting via IDE. It started doing this a few days ago when the outages began but never went away. Have not physically removed power from the hub since this instance is 1200 miles away.

It’s a Schlage Z-Wave. z-wave repairs come back clean, no issues.

Having the same issue with all my Zwave devices. HUB_DISCONNECTED. Rebooted using the api on the web and by pulling power. Neither solved the issue. Everything works just displays as unavailable.

Issue is still persisting for me as well. It’s not widespread across my portfolio at all, but is a festering issue on one specific account/hub/lock.

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I sent your example to a development team last night. As of a couple hours ago changes were rolled out platform-wide to correct the device states. Let us know if you’re still seeing issues.

We’re back in business, thanks Brad!

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Glad to hear it! I did inquire about the ability to fix this remotely for users such as yourself that can’t power cycle the hub. There isn’t a way to do it currently but a future API may enable that ability.

All my devices are back to normal also.

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