Devices showing 'Status' 'REMOVED

WTF? A bunch of my devices all stopped working at about the same time and are now saying Status REMOVED under hub devices. This shit is really starting to get old. Anyone else see this?

That’s also the status for devices that dropped off your mesh. Are these zigbee or zwave?

Z-Wave. Good to know. I’ll try repairing, but super strange that they all died at once.

It really isn’t that super strange today. :smile:. there are plenty of people who reported issues. I wouldn’t do a repair if you cannot bring them back to life. Try rebooting hub, or power cycling them.

What’s weird is the"REMOVED" devices are actually gone from the main device list and the app. Their database is hosed.

Yup, that’s what it means, they are gone! So that’s why I said repairing won’t do anything good. To quote @Mike_Maxwell from another thread “the wheels have fallen off”.

Dagnabbit. Bastards. Another waste of X hours, deleting apps, routines, ghost devices, then setting the same effing things up again.

I hear you, Wink did it to me twice and didn’t wait for the third to jump ship and join ST.