Device shows in Live Logging, but has been deleted

Hi all,

Wondering if someone can help. I have a bunch of Xiaomi Aquara buttons, which have all dropped off the system, I decided to delete them from ST in order to add them again. I haven’t been able to add any, however, one of the deleted buttons shows in the Live Log when I press it. I can’t use the button, as there is no such device in the smartthings ‘Devices’ list.

Does anyone know how to remove this device so it is not connecting in live logging?

Many thanks.


Check your IDE, if it’s there then you should delete it from there. I’ve seen issues where the new app shows devices which don’t exist in the IDE also. You may want to report it to ST support also if you see the device in the IDE and not in the ST app. (I’m assuming you’ve checked that it’s not hidden)

Thanks for the reply RBoy,

It’s not in the classic or new app, and it doesn’t show in the ‘Devices’ in IDE, only in Live Logging when it is pressed.



If you still have the device can you try to re-add the device, then remove it again?

Do you have multiple locations setup? If so, open the IDE and check each location (click on it and then click on My Devices).

If the device was previous being used in any SmartApps, it might be worth checking them to see if there is still any reference to it. It should have been deleted from them automatically but apparently some aren’t as keen to let go as they should be. However I think that issue makes itself known in other ways so it is a long shot.

I only have the one location, and the device is one of about 8 buttons that no longer work, so I’m not sure which one it is. They are a nightmare to pair, so probably won’t be able to.