Device Network ID in IDE and Z-wave toolbox different after hex to Decimal conversion

I’ve moved from a version 2 ST hub to a V3 ST wifi mesh hub. I’ve moved most of my wifi connected devices to the Samsung mesh wifi (keeping other traffic on the original network, way overkill probably) I’m swapping out my Lutron devices to Z-wave devices, attempting to get as much of my network on Z-wave. I bought the Z-wave toolkit to help manage my home.

The question is: When I convert the device network ID in ST many of them don’t match what is in the toolkit. For example ST shows a Id of 4E, I convert it and its a 78. The toolkit only has devices 1-64. Many of my devices fall outside this range. What am I missing?

Thanks, D

I would ask Z wave products support.

Good idea. I did it. I am wondering if the tool box just isn’t picking up the new devices when I add them. I’m going to exclude and reconnect to the network and see if that helps.

Most secondary controllers only get a list of the devices when they very first join the network. They have to have special code if they’re going to keep up-to-date with new additions, and I don’t think the toolbox does because it’s only intended for diagnostic field use, not long term running at the same site.

Sound like a lead. I had intended to leave it connected as as an ongoing monitoring tool, thoughts?

I am not familiar with the product, but could it simply be that the toolkit numbers its devices from 1 to 64 and that the Z-Wave ID is a property of the device. So e.g. device 11 may have the Z-Wave 78?

You are correct about the it not having software synchronizing the tables, all the devices now show.


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