Cheap Window & Door Sensor


I just tried zwave door and window sensor from china, it seems that the integration is very easy, i’ve installed it less than 1-2 minutes and it works fine without having a trouble for around 2-3 Months, maybe you can check it Kaipule from amazon, around 19usd, only disadvantage is that door and window sensor is doesn’t have temperature features. But it works great.

Did anyone has experienced with cheap sensor does have temperature? Please share…

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Lowes Iris gen 2 contact sensors work with ST.

They’re zigbee, not z-wave, but they report temp.

Edit: catch them on sale and you can get them for <20 bucks.

I have 2 visonic working great so far and can even run in local mode

Xiaomi sensors are even cheaper and very reliable not a single problem since installed for 4-5 months but they don’t have temperature sensor

Hi thanks for the information.

Maybe i can take a look visonic.

Thanks for sharing…


I had trouble with the Xiaomi dropping off all the time. I worked with them for two weeks then gave up and bought the $10 Visonic ones from My Digital Discount. You have to load up a custom DTH to get them to pair, but then I changed them to the one that runs local.

which is the device handler for them to run local? I have a handful of them.

Which DTH did you switch to in order to run local?

Only the built in DTH will run local. I switched mine to ‘SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor’

This thread is very helpful: