Device Health.... Again

Repeated complaints to Support and no response.
They claim its only happening for the new app, but I haven’t converted yet.
Every day another device doesn’t correctly report is state.
I’ve tried replacing or deleting the devices and they refuse to delete or replace.
If I rest tht device and add as new it works for a short time and then stops again.

Again, after well over a week, no responses to this and my other support inquiry where timed routines aren’t working at all.

I frequently have to reboot my hub to get this to correct itself.

Device health is off and hub has been rebooted multiple times… This is crap support. Unreliable platform with constant issues. There’s nothing smart about Smartthings.

Thankfully I have good guys like you to complain to… :joy:

Yeah, I’ve done that frequently here. I’m a lot more active on here lately so complain away. Now I’ve gotta get home assistant working and abandon ship.

Home Assistant?

I think you’re confusing the SmartThings feature device health and your devices actually falling off your network. A device health issue would be that SmartThings flags your device as Unavailable, but next time you trigger it the status correctly reports in the app. A device off network would be a device that isn’t responsive at all in the app. There are many things that could cause that. Some more details around which devices and their symptoms would help.

Yeah I don’t know why it doesn’t start responding or update until I manually poke it.

Open source. Pain in the butt. But it has a big community and gets frequently updated to support new devices.

The devices all respond and work.
They are Leviton dimmers.

When the app updates to a new version, device health can get turned back on automatically . Is that possible in your case?

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If they respond and work from the app, but SmartThings is marking them unresponsive, then email support and let them know. Then you can turn off device health and the Unresponsive marking should go away.

I was told to turn off Device Health by support staff, as they are aware of the problem. They also added me to a list of users with the same problem.

Just checked…
Still off.
But thanks.
Nothing is working still…

Thanks all.
Devices all respond, They just don’t show status properly…
They are always listed as ON.
Routines not working as well.
Device Health is off.

Joelw135 : Did support indicate a timeframe to fix?

I’m sure you can use something like pollster or webcor to run a poll of your devices at once a day so that this is automated a bit for you

By respond do you mean they are working manually? It sounds like they’ve dropped off the network.

No - they respond to on/off requests from the Smartthings app, but the app doesn’t correctly show on/off.
It just always shows ON.
I can still control them.

Yes it is a cloud problem and they are trying to figure out the best way to fix it, check the 21.x beta firmware thread, it’s discussed and acknowledged there…

I too have the problem with my Leviton switches, not with the dimmers because for those I’m using a custom DH that works better and Device Health only works with devices using the standard DH from ST.

It’s always a compromise and a hard desición between better features, better functionality, cloud only processing and no device health vs bare basic functionality, DH bugs, local processing and device health… I really hope the new platform merges the best of both into a single experience…

I’m using the same…
All of mine are dimmers on a custom handler.
It doesn’t matter, standard handler does the same.