Device Health.... Again

Not sure what to tell you then, if you are using custom DH then as I understand it, it cannot be a Device health thing. Could be their status getting stuck and going out of sync which is a known issue with the Leviton dimmers/switches. I usually fix this by using the air gap to restart the device but it happens again every so often…

The firmware currently in Beta also upgrades the Z-Wave firmware to a much more recent version and Z-Wave communication is he greatly improved, I have not seen this issue since I got it.


Sorry about your experience. But are you referring to status of the switch on/off. That is the state of the device, not necessarily the health of the device. Either way you should be seeing the right state. Does the device show offline? if you can provide more information I dont mind digging this further.


But now I have devices offline,

Progressively getting worse with more devices each day.

They will not come back.

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How do I turn off Device Health in the Samsung App? I’m giving in and trying to use the new App, but I have a GE 12724 dimmer that works fine and shows up online on the old app and also in IDE, but shows up as offline in the new app and it won’t let me select it for a scene I’m building. I can operate the dimmer fine if I just go to the devices page, even though it says it is offline there also. I have power cycled the dimmer and am using the V2 hub. Thinking maybe I need to turn off Device Health as I have in the old app, but I can’t find how to to so. If Device Health is not the answer, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Try rebooting the hub via the IDE. That will often bring those “off line” devices that still work back “on line.”

OK, that worked. Thank you

Your welcome. It’s been a bug in the new V3 app for quite awhile. I generally don’t worry about it unless, like you, I need to use the device in an automation. Often times, the device will eventually show as “on line” all by itself.