Device handler implementing Video Capture capability?

Is there a device handler at the community that implements the samsung smartcam SNH-P6410BN video capture capability ? OR any device handler that implements the video capture functionality / capability ?

At this point the community only has access to the Video Player capability which allows live streaming. The Video Capture capability is currently closed source and only works with the cameras listed on SmartThings’ compatibility list.

So is there a way to take a picture or record a 5-10 seconds video clip from SmartCam SNH-P6410BN ? It has capture() method but it takes arguments and I don’t know what these arguments are.

Not sure, I only have experience with the D-Link cameras.

Hey @jackchi, can you help me out here ?

It is not possible at the moment. Only SHM can record clips right now.

Any change at this matter ? Would like to reuse couple of cams - android web cam for example, and integrate it with ST. Would be nice to have video capture capability.

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I am trying to figure this out as well at this point. Any thoughts from anyone on what arguments are viable for this command

nothing yet?

I wasn’t looking at a device handler, but did get some help with a smartapp ti be able to trigger recording. Is that something you could use.

Basically the smartapp uses the video capture capability to capture video in clips.

Is the thread given to me to help figure out the capture commands