Smart Home Monitor with Generic Video Device type

I’m using a modified version of the generic video device type for a Hikvision camera. The device type works flawlessly and can both take photos, and use the video player to show a live feed.

However, I also set it in SHM to record a 1m clip on intrusion detection, but it just says “Video camera is unavailable” when I test it by arming the system and setting the alarm off. Is there something I need to implement in the device handler to make this work?

If it’s impossible to use this method, then what could I call in my security SmartApp (I use a custom one I wrote) to take a photo at least when intrusion is detected?


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I think SHM will only trigger video recordings on cameras that are officially supported by ST. Haven’t seen anyone work around that limitation yet.

Thanks for the reply! Then I guess the answer here is for me to call the .take() method myself in my alarm SmartApp and somehow send the photo to myself (e-mail? I doubt I can push it in the notification).

They allow photo storage with generic devices, just not video.

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