Device handler for Aqara dual buton

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First post here,

So buy a couple of Aqara sensor/button to test it in my home. I got a wireless 2 button systems. I tried to
a couple test but I was not able to integrate it. I supose the device handler is not made yet.
I installed all the bspranger. It recongnyse my device as a " Xiaomi Temp Sensor"
I have basic skill in programmation but I’m not sure how to change a device handler to make it work.

The device model is : WXKG07LM
The model: lumi.remote.b286acn02

There is a screenshot of the device in smartthing.

There is the list of action possible with this device.

########## Aqara Wireless Remote Switch D1 (Double Rocker) (lumi.remote.b286acn02)
Single press the left button
Single press the right button
Single press the left and right buttons
Double press the left button
Double press the right button
Long press the left button
Long press the right button

Anyone can help me to change the device handler ?


I bought one of these also, mostly because it appeared to support different press combinations (long press, double press, etc).

As far as I can tell, no DTH available for it. I’ve done programming, but not really anything in Groovy, but I’m going to have a hack at it.

Can you describe the process you used to pair with the hub?

Make sure you have the latest handler for temp sensor, as some devices were removed between 1.3.0 and 1.3.1, and one of those might have been incorrectly matched.

I’m working on a patch to the Wireless Switch DTH. I suspect that it’s only the discovery strings that need updating. Once recognised and given the correct type, I reckon it’ll work.

You might try this: Once detected as a temp sensor, go into the IDE, open the device details and click “Edit” and then change the Type to “Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Switch”.


I managed to get this thing going. In the app, it also shows double-press and long-press on left and right buttons. So that’s 10 different states (if you include being not pressed).


Has somebody got the link to the device handler for the aqara 2-button? WXKG07LM

Hello Jezzaaaa, did you manage to get the wxkg07lm switch to work?

Not how I wanted it to. It works with a single button press, but I couldn’t get double-press or hold to behave differently. I didn’t spend much time on it though and I’ve since moved house so the device is in a box somewhere, not being used for anything. :frowning:

Last night I did manage to get it to work using webcore
Functions: single press and hold on three buttons ( left=1, right=2, both=3).

Maybe this will help you as well?

Could you maybe post what you’ve done to get the switch to work?
Does it work locally btw?

Those using WXKG07LM-2gang

Is there a reason why sometimes the switch is detected by ST, sometimes it doesn’t after a reset?