Device handler/driver for Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1

But wasn’t there something with E1 devices that made them incompatible?

there were some series that require manufacture specific flag on pair.
But I believe it was T*. I don’t own any E or T devices

@daath how did you get on?

I’m struggling. I bought an E1 shade driver 3 months ago and have it up and running using the standard Zigbee shade driver. It works daily using alexa opening and closing it.

I thought, great! I can buy another and set it up the same. It arrived this week and I’ve just tried to set it up to no avail! Settings are identical to the first yet nada.

ARRGH. I would welcome any information you might have that could help!

connect it to the Zigbee thing driver and tell the model name from logs.

I’ve had a go using the DH posted above. It worked although as the OP said, the pause function is not working. Other than that, all good. I have been able to control it using the ST app, also through routines and Alexa.

I will have another look for a DH that will give me full functionality but for the moment this one will do. Still no idea why the “Zigbee window shade” DH works for the unit I installed in June, but not on the one I’m trying to install now.

Groovy is dead, the DTH will stop working in 28 days.

What should I do if I currently have installed Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Roller Shade motors?

I assume they stop working soon. Which edge driver will work?

Did anyone manage to pair the Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 with any of the Edge Drivers?
I am not a developer, but I can provide logs or anything (just need some instructions).

There was an official promise from Aqara, that they will upgrade dozens of their devices to be compatible with Matter. In fact, they promised it will happen in December 2022 (for hub M2), however, it seems they postponed it to January 2023. The E1 Roller Shade driver is also on the list. So let’s hope it will help somehow.
Article about the Matter upgrade:

Article about the postpone:

As soon as they release the upgrade, I will try to find someone in my neighborhood with Aqara hub (or “temporarily buy my own”) just to upgrade my E1 Roller, and I will post it here, whether the upgrade helped with SmartThings integration.
(at the moment, only Mariano’s driver works for me, but only the “close” command works, nothing else; so it’s unusable for me).

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The update is for the Aqara Hub. The device itself won’t be matter compatible but will be exposed as a matter device when it’s connected to the Aqara hub.
Matter is only supported over WiFi and Thread, Aqara won’t be upgrading their devices from Zigbee to Thread - however, they will be releasing new Thread and matter versions of some of their device like their contact sensor. Fingers crossed the same will happen with their curtain motors.

Have anyone tried the Roller Shade Driver now? I could be mistaken, but it looks like there is support now:

Hello @daath,
many thanks for the good news and information:).

For me the official SmartThings Drivers (Beta) (Zigbee Window Treatment) does not work. I can select it as an available drivers, however, none of the commands are working.

But I have just realized, that edge-driver from @veonua works (channel invitation in his Aqara related thread, also see other discussion about E1 devices)
It’s not perfect (yet), in my case the status of the curtain driver is not updated in the App, if i change it using the buttons on the motor itself). Also, it seems the battery status is not reported (maybe I just need to wait). But accepts all commands, and that’s important:).

Hi everyone, I have read the thread but I still have one question: I have a SmartThings Hub (with ZigBee). Can I pair this Aqara to the SmartThings Hub, or do I need the Aqara Hub? Thanks!

Yes, you can pair with the hub directly, but depending on the model some functions can be unavailable or incomplete. Use at your own risk.

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Hi Andrew! Thank you very much for your fast reply :pray: I have been studying a lot about this subject because I didn’t want to spam the comments here with all my questions.

I am very glad to know that it will work, so I will buy it. I have just one last question that I didn’t find online: I have the SmartThings Hub (V3) with ZigBee 3.0, which is the same “protocol” (ZigBee 3.0) as this Aqara. Do you know which functions I will lose because I don’t have the Aqara Hub?
I only want to open/close on the Google Home app, I don’t see anything else that I would need, because this 1 function is the most important for me.

Thank you very much for your help and patience!

Zigbee 3 is the network protocol, so ST will be able to hear everything that Aqara says. But Aqara devices are known to speak their own language. So likely you will need a translator (driver).

When we talk about features, you most likely will lose the initial adjustment. (The ST doesn’t have a way to provide initialization UI.) So there is a risk that the motor will get out of order sooner.

As for basic features like open /close. They will likely be ok but (without settings) you might have to swap sides where you put the motor.

I’m not an Aqara representative, and recommend buying only certified goods.

Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply :pray: I have been quiet but always searching for the best option. You told me that it doesn’t support the initialization UI - which I don’t know what that is, but I imagine it’s the way to configure the minimum and maximum height, right? Without this, it cannot function automatically, am I right? Since I have a ST hub V3, I am searching for a ZigBee device that is 100% compatible with my hub. If you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it :blush: I found one by Moes but I am still trying to understand if it is compatible. Thank you very much!

if you really want an ST-certified device I can recommend you to start with

list of the manufacturers / devices varies based on your region

Aqara devices are known for their good quality /price ratio and a good choice of device types, especially for the CN market.

Buying a “subsidized” device you should not complain that it is not 100% tailored for you.

With minor tweaks and difficulties with the initial setup, all my devices work perfectly in my daily routines.

Hi. I intend to get the shade driver also. But I can’t find the generic zigbee window shade driver. Can u advice where can I install this. Thanks.