VRMX1-1LZ Detected as switch

I added a VRMX1-1LZ to my home network but smartthings has detected it as a switch. I am unable to change the dim rate etc through the configuration options. How do I get the hub to detect it as a dimmer instead?

Log in to IDE and click on My Devices. Select the device you added and click on edit at the bottom of the screen. In the Type Field, I bet you have the z-wave switch (or generic) there, change it to z-wave dimmer switch generic and see if that solves your issue

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I’ve changed it to Dimmer Switch now:

How long does it take to show up in the app? It’s still showing as a switch there.

What was the type originally?

I believe it was Z-Wave Switch.

After I change it to dimmer I don’t get any extra options about dim rate, LED on/off etc.

With the RF9540 dimmers I’ve previously installed I had to use some code from github to get to these extra configuration options not present in the stock setup. Do I need to do the same here? I assumed because it had “Works with SmartThings” on the box this would all come out of the box.

change it to “z-wave dimmer switch generic”. The VRMX1-1LZ is a z-wave device.

I changed to z-wave dimmer switch generic. I’m still seeing it as a switch in the app and in the api I don’t see any of the preferences I can change for dim % per step and the like. Do I need to re-add the device after I change it?

I wonder if running a z-wave repair would have any impact.

Repair has started, does the app notify when it’s complete? It’s just sitting here spinning.

I changed it to “Enhanced Dimmer Switch” which is one I use for a GE dimmer, and it switched in the app with configuration options immediately. Is there an enhanced dimmer switch github for Leviton dimmers?

According to https://github.com/SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic/blob/0ab657d5f2cf589739a401ded4b0ccca0215ec13/devicetypes/smartthings/zwave-dimmer-switch-generic.src/README.md

the generic z-wave dimmer choice only works with the DZMX1-LZ