Development of PWA through smartthings

Hi Team;
I’m little bit confused in smartapps and api calls. The aim is to develop the progressive web application to provide access of IoT devices to the users. So we can integrate the smartthings APIs to work with. I want to develop a standalone application where user can come and register. After registration he can add the devices by scanning the QR code and making the rules for those devices.
Is there any functionality available to develop the standalone application using smartthings API?

Please guide.


Add the Devices to smartthings using your standalone application by scanning a QR code?

Yes, want to develop the interface to connect the devices and controlling them.


Dear Jimmy;
I have tested the Chip tool with virtual devices. Now I want to use that tool or smart things to develop my webapplication so users can connected their and control the devices easily.
I’m open to use the smartthings to reduce the development time. Can you please guide how can we use APIs to develop this kind of application. Like how we will commission the devices through apis? How user can register and connect their devices through smartthings APIs.


To integrate devices into SmartThings, they need a controller (ST Schema, Driver, etc) which contains handlers for all the supported commands. This means you cannot create it through the API because depending on the device type, you need to develop its integration and only Drivers can be shared through Channel invitations, others need to be certified as WWST to be available for users.
What you can do with the ST API is control devices that are already connected to SmartThings.
Also, not all devices are supported by the ST platform by default, in that case, users need to look for a custom integration here in the Community or put something together by themselves.

And, to be able to control those devices you need to ask users for their Personal Access Token or Develop an OAuth integration.

Dear Nayelyz;
Thank you for your answer.


Is there any option available to integrate the Border Router by using the Border Router APIs user can commission their devices and control them through the PWA .


How does your border router work? I ask because it depends on the supported communication. For example:

  • Does it work with Thread?
  • If not, would it have a local API to receive requests from the driver?
  • What would be the purpose of adding this kind of device?