Basic SmartThings Platform development question


I am a web developer interested in offering automation services of IoT devices to users that have SmartThings connected devices.
In particular, I am interested in offering services to owners of smart locks (e.g. Schlage wifi lock) to automate managing codes.

It seems this might be possible with a SmartThings “Connected Service”.
And I assume the flow would be something like this:
o Discover devices for a given user
o Request authorization from user to access device(s)
o Manage device(s)
o Query lock status
o Add lock code
o Remove lock code

Does SmartThings Platform expose such APIs through webhooks/resthooks?

Doug is what you need.

Good luck Doug.

But frankly, developing for ST (once an underfunded, but user-centric startup, and now a continuously moving, incomplete Samsung-centric behemoth that has little interest in individual users/developers) is a big gamble.

Read through their marketing material (which is mostly what the above link points to) and make your own decision. But if I was looking to provide services for a HA platform, Samsung would be at the bottom of my list.

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@nathancu thanks for the response. Are you saying I should be checking into the partnership program or something else? I had already followed a number of links including the links to the developer docs.
I found this one concerning lockCodes capabilities:


Can developers use these capabilities? At a minimum, can I use it to create a SmartApp/Connected-servers to access my own smart lock lock?

@scottinpollock , thank you for your feedback. I may indeed come to that conclusion, but I have a SmartThings hub working with my Smart Lock, so seems like a logical place to begin trying to develop my services.