Is There a Way to Use APIs to Connect Devices from a Separate App than SmartThings?

Hey guys, so i have a app that uses smartthings tokens to control devices connected to the smartthings app, so i want to know if there is a way to add a device from my own app?

Don’t believe there are publicly accessible APIs for adding devices that are published. @orangebucket are there some of the undocumented APIs that could do this?

By ‘adding devices’ are we talking about installing hub connected devices without having to use ‘Add device’ in the mobile app?

There is certainly all sorts of stuff related to that in the API but getting a token with the right security scopes to do it is probably another matter.

As an example, there is a relatively well known but not really documented /hubdevices endpoint. You can access that and get all the information about subscribed channels and installed devices and some other stuff with just a Personal Access Token. However if you want to get the ‘hidden characteristics’ from that endpoint then you are missing the r:hubs scope and if you want to reboot the hub you need x:hubs:reboot. So basically the client apps do have a monopoly on many things.

Thank you for responding! When I say add devices for exp I mean a smart light switch I want to add to my hub in the room without using the SmartThings to add device’s. I will check out that thread and see what they say about different devices and what they need to connect.

Hey there! I’d like to inquire about the process you’re currently following and the envisioned flow you have in mind for adding devices to your SmartThings hub from your own app. Could you please provide some insights into the steps you’re taking and the specific flow you’re aiming for? This would help us better understand your requirements and provide more targeted assistance. Thank you!

Thank you for responding, So right now we use personal access tokens to access the Samsung accounts, the vision is for me to go into my app and be able to add devices, but only to one of the locations in the account. If it would help i can explain a little about how our app uses smartthings to function.

@Iosync To better assist you, could you please provide further details on the specific functionalities and interactions you aim to achieve with SmartThings? Understanding more about how your idea utilizes SmartThings and the desired flow for adding devices to a single location within the account would greatly help us tailor our assistance to your needs.

Additionally, if there are any security considerations or sensitive information that should be discussed privately, please feel free to share them via direct message for confidentiality.

Hey Luis, So my app right now just allows for us to control the devices in the room like exp- If we have a light switch connected the iosync app user can turn it on/off and dim the device. What im looking for is to be able to use a API/PAT that will allow my users if they have a smart TV to add this TV into there location on smartthings without going to the smartthings app. Right now we use PAT’s to control the devices each account in iosync is linked to a location on a smarthings account. We have multiple Locations on a single smartthings account and each resident only is able to see and control one of these locations.

It sounds like you’re looking to integrate SmartThings functionality directly into your iOSync app, allowing users to add their smart TV to their SmartThings location without leaving the iOSync app. While it’s a great idea to streamline the user experience, unfortunately, adding devices directly from your app isn’t supported. This functionality is specific to SmartThings and can only be accessed through their app.