Wireless Sensor Tags Integration

Smartapps are only allowed to run for 20 seconds at a time before the cloud kills them. It’s to keep them from using up too many cloud resources.

It’s quite common when you have smart apps that handle many different devices to run multiple instances of the same smart app to avoid this problem.

I don’t know if that’s a possibility for you here, it could be you’re just running into a timeout to the service connection.

One thought I had… Many SmartApps allow multiple instances to be installed… Like Keep Me Cozy, Laundry Monitor, etc. If you add an option to name the SmartApp at install time, it could be simple to divide the sensors among installed apps. That would hopefully allow users to put, say, 5 tags on an app, and then create a new app, and so on. It might be more clutter, but it might work around the issue temporarily at least.

Edit: LOL, maybe if I actually read the reply before mine, I would see that the idea was already posted :sweat_smile:

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I’ve been trying to track down an issue I’m seeing with Wireless Tags… Seems my front door and inside garage door keep getting disarmed in the morning, and I don’t believe I have anything set up to disarm them in ST… I also checked the Motion settings on the tag manager web app, and no kind of schedule is enabled to arm/disarm these tags.

Something of note, when I go through the Wireless Tag (Connect) setup again, it seems to arm all of the tags that it polls… can that be disabled? I’m thinking this SmartApp may have something to do with my unexplained arm/disarm cycle for those tags.

I have submitted a change that allows for named instances of the SmartApp so you can split up your tags between multiple apps. I also integrated your pull request for the temperature.

If you want to turn off the initialization of the tags when you install the SmartApp, you can go to line 219 in the latest version and comment out “d.updated()”. Otherwise, I’m not sure what would be causing the reset you mention.

I may make the presence and switch changes as well at some time in the main line. It does tend to clutter up the app, and I don’t expect many people are using that functionality.

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Trying to find some more switches that will be usable by my service dog. If we stuck a wireless tag on a hanger strap, like a bell pull, if the dog hit the strap I’ll get a motion alert, right? So how likely is it that I’m going to get false alerts if the strap is just hanging there most of the day? That is, how sensitive are these in every day use?

Do we need to get an actual tilt (two angle change) or is just a slide along one axis going to be enough?

Thanks! :sunglasses::dog:

Hi @JDRoberts,

I tested a sensor on about a 3 foot loop of thin 26 gauge wire (that’s what I had handy). I then hung it on a door knob for my testing. In the mobile app,I tweaked the sensitivity to 75% and change the response to Fast (worst battery life).

With those settings, I could move the sensor with the back of my hand trying to imitate the dog pushing against it (2-3 inches of movement or more) and it would trigger reliably, but I could blow on it hard without triggering motion. From 10-15 minutes of testing, those settings seemed pretty good. I’m not 100% sure it’ll work the way you want but it seems close enough that it may be worth trying.

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Excellent, thank you so much! Just looking for some more options. I can put a Contact sensor on a drawer and the dog can easily pull it open or close it again. But I myself can’t. So we look for things that both of us can do, just to get a few more options.

It’s the dog who works traditional toggle switches. I can do some pushbuttons if it’s a fairly broad flat surface, like the smartenIT 3 toggle. And some rocker switches, but if they’re on the wall they’re typically too high for me as I can’t really raise my arms up very far.

I can easily do some kind of hand wave over a PIR motion detector in a box pointing up, and we use those a lot for touchless switches, but they get expensive and I had an idea for a placement where I think a swing rope would work better.

Again, thanks for checking! :sunglasses::dog:

No problem. Happy to help. This does seem like a potentially viable option for you both to use.

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By the way, if anyone is curious, we have tug straps hanging all over the house now for opening cabinet doors and pulling out shelves and things like that. He doesn’t play with them, he knows they’re for work. Some of the other people in the house might trigger it unintentionally, but I’m not worried about the dog.

Dog’s eye view of the refrigerator. :sunglasses: The white rectangle on the left here is a Phillips hue dimmer switch that we can both use. And this is a typical tug rope.

So I found this to be interesting. TrackR has a new device called atlas that goes within rooms and allows you to ask where your devices are. I wonder if it will have a API that keeps tabs in realtime where everything is. Would be nicer than having tablets in every room.

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It would certainly be nice to have, but so far it’s just an
Indegogo press release, not a real product yet, and nowhere close to being one. We’ll see what happens when they actually come to market.

Hey Swanny,

I’m using your code with the kunosensors (PIR) and so far it’s working a treat so thanks very much!

I was wondering if there’s a way to remove these devices from the family tab at all but keep them as motion sensors? I a assume these are appearing in there because they’re classed as presence sensors somewhere?



This is a great job you have done with the wireless tags. It is working perfectly for me!

Have you looked into adding the Reed Kumo Sensors? I have a few of those and they do not show up.

Again, thanks for the good work.

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Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for the integration! It has been working great for me thus far and has solved some problems/challenges I was having previously. Your work is much appreciated!!

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Anyone using these soil/moisture sensors to integrate with their irrigation system for watering needs? Whether through IFTTT or this integration? I don’t think they are really meant for outdoor use though.

Good catch, it looks like they would not be suitable for this use case, unfortunately. They have excellent operating temperature range, but they are not intended to actually be soaked.

This product is not water-proof, and is for indoor use only. With prolonged exposure to condensation/dew the tag can also get damaged. If you plan to use it in high humidity area, you are advised to put the tag in a water proof pouch such as “Ziplock”. If your tag has humidity sensor, we recommend that you enable monitoring so that you get notified when humidity exceeds 99%, when condensation will form, and immediately dry the tag. The water/moisture sensor tag has coating to protect against water splashes, but the portion with electronic components should not be submerged into water.

On to the next…there needs to be a soil moisture sensor that is outdoor rated with good range. I haven’t seen one yet to market.

What about plantlink? It has a SmartThings integration and is definitely intended for outdoor in ground use.

Range is limited to 100 feet I believe.

From support:

You can expect them to last shorter (about 6 months vs. ~2 years) when used outdoor, because regular exposure to condensation and rain will cause small short and drains battery quicker.