Detect if outdoor gas grill is left on?

(RT) #1

I would like to detect if the outdoor gas grill is left running too long. What’s a good way to do this? I was thinking of using a temperature sensor inside the grill cabinet, below the grill itself. It probably gets up to about 125 degrees or so down there when the grill is on (guessing, I have to try it). But the extra SmartThings motion detection device I have laying around that I’d like to use for this says the operating temperature only goes up to 104 degrees F… Ideas? Thanks.

(Cristofer Johnson) #2

You could add a valve and valve control. Wound not actually determine if it was on, but sure would ensure it was off. Heck you could even use it to automatically shut off after x minutes.

(Robin) #3

The Fibaro Door and Window ZW5 sensor (not the newer ‘2’ version) can be wired up to an external temperature probe (DS18B20 type). If you get the right probe you could potentially put it right next to the burners and get instant results.