Device to remind me Barbeque is on

I have a bad habit of leaving my gas barbeque on. It has run for as long as two days. Is there a way to monitor the barbeque. I don’t know of a device that would take the heat.

Totally random thinking process here…

One of the multi-sensors that does temperature. Does your grill have side trays or anything? I’d imagine on my grill, the side trays near the grill get decently warm without getting dangerously hot. The first thing I would try is to stick one of those sensors under the side tray … it would take a bit of testing to find a spot that gets hot, but not too hot.

I’d then use webCoRE since that’s my default go to… some kind of rule stating after the sensor gets to some temperature, if it doesn’t fall below some other temperature in a set period of time, start notifying me.

Dunno if this at least helps you start a thought process… it’s where my mind would start… :slight_smile:


I thought about that, but since it is outdoors and the wind is very strong here won’t it get wet?

I’ve seen a few threads on here with people discussing sensors that have worked outdoors for them.

My grill has metal sides below the actual side shelves, for support/stiffening I’d imagine. Anyway, a sensor mounted on my grill would be well shielded from the elements … I also have an enclosed area under the unit too that might work.

Guess it all depends on how your unit is constructed!

Good idea, I will take temp readings when the grill is on. If I can see a big difference under the shelf, or in the inside compartment, it would be worth getting the sensor.

The other way I would think of is to use a contact sensor that allows for remote wires.

I’d think of a way to close a circuit when the knob is off… I don’t know what that would look like, probably pretty ugly considering my handyman skills… I imagine others on here would be better at the actual physical setup. But having the leads touch when the knob is off would close the contact sensor, the know being off would have the leads not touching thus the contact sensor is open. Then again, just a matter of some sort of rule for monitoring and notifications.