Detailed history?

So my garage opened on its own but I didn’t do it.
History doesn’t show the source, is there a way to see this?

The IDE should should show it if it was done by a Groovy app. The Classic app will too (up until that is turned off).

In the IDE, go to the devices, select the device, and then “List Events”. The “Displayed Text” field is value you are looking for.

@jlv does your ide show the SmartApp still? Mine doesn’t seem to.

No field named that. I looked at events for the hub and all I see is it list polling for a few hours then when it came back is when the door opened.

I guess the opener could have triggered itself but that never happened before.

I checked when I posted and noticed that it listed the name of the Smart Lighting rule that turned on the lights. I didn’t check for something controlled by a SmartApp.

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@Automated_House Yes, the SmartApp is still shown in the “Displayed Text” in the IDE “List Events”. E.g., in this case, this is a Simulated Presence Sensor being controlled by a SmartApp named “Everyone’s Presence SL”.

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