No Groovy IDE Events

Suddenly, ‘Events’ (and ‘Notifications’) in Groovy IDE are blank. All i can get is a line stating :-
“No events found matching this criteria”.
I use this report all the time, its crucial to me. This has never happened before and its consistent across 2 very remote Locations.
Does anyone know what’s gone wrong?



Click on “from location”…It populated for me once I did that.

Look at the following post for date of august 17th

.August 17, 2020

The new SmartThings app will be the single location for all event history:

  • Some historical events will no longer be available in the SmartThings Classic app and Graph.
  • Device status and history for Samsung Products will no longer update in the Classic App.
  • Historical device events that do not match the new Capability Schema will not be accessible to Groovy SmartApps.
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ah, i see thank you. Thats never been necessary before, ALL has produced a report for the Location on ALL EVENTS. However ‘From Location’ only produces a VERY limited report mainly limited to Sunrise and Sunset events.
There are no DEVICE events at all !
(basically its rubbish)

Possibly nothing? It was announced that a lot of device status / history / events was being withdrawn on 17th August. Could this be it a week late?

Damn! this product just goes from crap to crapper! how is just withdrawing capability possibly justified as progress !!!

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I’m getting more than just the events you reported but as others have stated, the IDE is going away within a year sooooo. Yeah, the backwards progression does suck.

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If you use webCoRE it may be kept relatively active, and you may see alarmSystemStatus events if anything is still trying to work with SHM. Apart from those and the Weather Station events I’d imagine it would be quite quiet, unless there are apps I don’t use that exploit events.

Hopefully there will be a ‘new’ replacement because mobile apps aren’t really the tool for the job when it comes to logging.