Deregister powerbot from previous owner

has anyone had this experience with adding a power-bot vacuum to their account ?

i bought a second hand unit on eBay but it wont let me link it to my account

it says " to register this device you need to send us an error report so that the previous user can be de-registered from the device"

i contacted Samsung support but they didn’t know how to help me… could one of the smartthings support guys on this forum help me with this ?

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Hey there! @Alexhp11, I’m so sorry to hear that you are having issues onboarding your PowerBot Vaccum into Smart Things due to a previous owner. I wanted to provide some troubleshooting steps and articles to utilize.

  1. SmartThings capable appliances and devices are ready and available to onboard at any time. Even if you’ve got concerns that they might still be registered to their previous owner, physically having access to the appliance allows you to take ownership at any time. If the previous owner did not remove the device from their account, you should receive this prompt to make yourself the owner of the device. Did you receive the notification below when attempting to onboard the device?

Note: If you did not receive this prompt, this would indicate that a network reset of the device is needed to take ownership of the Home Appliance.

  1. Here is a link to the article containing the below steps to Clear Wi-Fi settings with a network reset on the PowerBot:

Reset steps for Robot Vacuums: Press the Start/Stop button twice until Init appears, then press it again to start initialization. If 0000 appears, keep pressing Start/stop until C000 appears. After a while, turn the emergency switch off and back on again this will initiate the network reset and you would attempt the onboarding process again.

  1. It may be a regional issue that is occurring based on your Smart Things Location/Account region and the previous owner and is best to have this information confirmed by contacting the seller from eBay.

I’d recommend submitting a ticket If the error continues to occur when onboarding with the below information:
The model of the mobile device(s) setup was attempted with
The version of the app (open the menu, then touch Settings, scroll to the bottom, and select About SmartThings)
The exact step where the error occurs
The exact wording of any error messages that occur
Once as much information is collected as possible, report the problem within the SmartThings app. (Open the menu, and then touch Help > Report a problem.)

You can also reach support using the below channels as well:

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

I hope this message finds you well!