[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

Great App! I have a weird issue that doesn’t seem to be a normal issue. My wife and my iPhone 7s will not allow us to enable user codes. Sliding enable and then clicking done only works about 1 out of 100 times. Our iPad works perfectly consistently. I have restarted hub, phones, logged out and back in of the ST app. Nothing seems to fix this. Any help is appreciated.

How do you tell which is the newest Schlage connect model? The “newest model” on Amazon doesn’t match up with what’s on the Schlage site.

Amazon: BE468-2K (Says first listed on Amazon April 2016)
(New Model) Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-wave Technology and Extra Key BE468-2K (Satin Nickel) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EKA88ZE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_kUczybZ0M63V4

Schlage: BE469NX CEN 619
Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt with alarm with Century trim BE469NX CEN 619

Answer my own question - I called Schlage and they said that the 469 is the newer version, and that the info on Amazon (that the 468-2K is a newer model) is incorrect.

I don’t have any other way to verify, but the facts that the 469 is also the model they have on their web site, and that it has a higher number in the sequence, does seem to be consistent w/the 469 being the newer model.

Just ordered one (used-very good) from Amazon for $139, so looking forward to using the combination of the auto-lock feature and our “Good Night” routine to stop accidentally leaving our front door unlocked all the time. :slight_smile:

so i am on my third kwikset 910 lock and i get this error message:


i have removed all manual codes as advised by resetting the lock.

digital codes cannot be set due to this error message.

can anyone help or should i give up?

Kwikset says they can’t help me with anything but lock and unlock,

Smartthings refuses to help me SO THIS FORUM is my only option.

Here are some more clues:

i have never gotten a message about the door unlocking, the only push notifications i get are that the lock was locked - until today.

so i just gave up on digital codes and programmed 2 manual codes on the lock so it can be used. i then tested the codes and they worked AND i got push notifications that the door was UNLOCKED - which i never got before - and the message named the DIGITAL CODE HOLDER as the unlocker - i manually programmed slot 1 and the name in digital slot 1 was used in the notification. also the usage count went up for the digital codes - even though they were never used and are different numbers!


do i need to program digital codes past the manual codes section? please tell me what you guys are doing that works so i can copy exactly!

i don’t know why others can get it to work and i cannot?is there a beta version update that might work better? ALL i want to do is assign temporary door codes like i was told was possible with this lock but nobody who sold me the hardware will take any responsibility for anything - FRUSTRATED!


@jhamstead, @ethayer:

I have a Schlage BE469NX arriving in a few days. Are there a couple of simple rules of thumb to help me decide whether to use this lock manager versus the beta version?

@ethayer would have a better idea of how to answer that but he did state this about the new SmartApp:

I think the above list will get the app out of “BETA” as the features will be robust enough to replace the old app. At that time, I will remove the old code as to keep new users out of that path.

I’d just recommend using the new lock manager SmartApp.

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Using lock manager and so far it is working great. My only question is that every 2 minutes 10 user Lock manager items appear in the ST activity feed. Is this normal and what does it represent? I am assuming it has to do with the 10 users I have setup. Is ST polling the locks every two minutes? Will this kill the batteries in the Locks?


This happens if you have null users. If you set only 2 codes be sure to set users to only 2. Any higher and it will poll. Fixed in the new lock manager app above

I think i have one null user, will delete and see if this fixes my issue. Thanks for the feedback!

I actually uninstalled and reinstalled. It is still polling and i have 5 users setup. However when i retrieve lock status it shows users 1-30 USers 6-10 have the old codes and users 11-30 are Null codes. What version of the app is the latest. I think i have 4.1.5

In the Activity feed it is now showing only 10 lines of USER LOCK MANAGER.

So not sure what to look for now. If you need screen shots of anything please let me know.

Thanks again

The new code is a complete rewrite by ethayer. It is located here.

@jhamstead/@ethayer :

Just tried to add the smartapps and device handlers for the Beta in the IDE, but getting a persistent error on installing the DH. The Smartapps loaded fine.

This is the handler I see in the IDE:



Updated 0 devices and created 0 new devices, 0 published (1 skipped due to errors)

Any suggestions? I did remove Ethayer’s original lock manager.

I usually only see that error when integrating with GitHub. Are you pulling this straight from GitHub or manually copying the code?

Integration - added his repo using 'ethayer" and “lock-manager” and updated from repo to get the Smartapps just fine, it’s just the device handler that is erroring out when I update from repo.

Are you saying that you have to create the beta lock manager DH from copy/paste code, rather than via GitHub integration/update from repo? I was able to get ethayer’s original lock manager DH via integration, so it did work w/that version.

Really appreciate your feedback and help!

You can use the same DH you installed for the old lock code manager or copy the code manually. I believe ethayer did not create the DH in his GitHub account correctly so you get that error. Someone else noted it in the forum. I guess it has not been fixed.

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OK, great, thanks! I still have his other repo in my IDE, so I’ll just do an update from that repo for the DH.

Very helpful, thank you very much. Can’t wait for my lock to arrive. (But I guess that’s obvious.) :smiley:

Thanks for the push in the right direction. Everything is working great!

Appreciate the quick response!

Happy New Year

Anyone having issues where the lock code manager reports the door being locked like 5 times in your notifications? I’m not sure if I set it up improperly and somehow made it trigger multiple times. I figured it was unlikely because the unlock notification only shows once.

I’m getting the same thing. Just posted about this actually. I’m only getting it for “Locked” messages and not the “Unlocks”. About 5 “Locked” messages will pop up in my notifications.

Anyone else getting this? I’m on an Android device. @Torgysk not sure if you’re using Android as well and if that matters.

I am actually using iPhone and iPad applications. My issue was fixed with the BETA version of the software that was referenced in a few post ago.

I have been doing home automation for over 10 now, but I just got my ST hub at xmas, so a steep learning curve.

I do not have notifications turned on at the moment, so i cannot comment. I may turn mine on, and see what happens and report back, but that won’t be tonight as my son has hockey.

Good luck