[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

I have added a link to the code here

I keep getting the notifications below when I try to add a new user code to my Shlage lock.

for some reason hello home phrases are not running even though my lock is correctly saying User x unlocked lock locally. what can cause the phrase to not run?

the codes are assigning nicely etc so not really sure what else I might be doing wrong


Hi All,
I am working on getting Event history from lock devices and display it in Mobile.

For Ex: The Main door locked by John Lewis
The Main door unlocked by John Lewis

  1. How can i get the user information or the user ST Account name
    i want to know who invoked the lock action.

For Ex: user - John Lewis

I want to display in mobile like, The Main door locked by John Lewis

Looks like the original developer of this app hasn’t logged in for some time.

Curios if there are alternatives ?

Here is one but it’s part of the larger set of apps available for a fee:

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Forgive me if this is a repeated question. But it looks like every 2 minutes I get 2 events on my device. Is there a reason for such a frequent polling timeframe and what exactly is it looking for when that happens. I have a Kwikset 916 and the code setting and locking unlocking has been working great. Just curious as to the polling.

Thanks for any help!!!


has anyone looked into a way to get alerts for wrong codes? I see its been mentioned a few times but never found an answer

Hello, I am brand new to SmartThings (I’m an Iris convert)… I paired my Schlage BEXXX series lock last night and followed the directions in this thread to add the custom DH and App. I get no errors and the app DOES control the lock when I ask it to (unlock, lock, scheduled lock/unlock, etc.) But, I get repeated alerts that the app cannot send any codes for the 5 users I set up in the app to the lock. I just get repeated alerts reading: “Failed to set code for XXXXX” (replacing XXXXX with the 5 names of the people/codes I’ve entered).

I’m not sure how to collect the logs to post here.

Any help getting my lock set up again would be great!

Hi All, Been using Lock Code Manager for awhile now and I have realized that @ethayer does not seem to check in here on his baby. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened.

For me, it still seems to work fine so maybe it was just a case that he felt his work here was done? Either way, Erik, thanks for the SmartApp.

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It is in the api for the Schlage locks at least. Someone would just need to implement it.

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I seem to be having a problem with scheduling codes. I have one app with my code and a friends code that has access 247. Then I have another app setup, third slot for our cleaning lady. I only want to grant access to them on Wednesdays when they come. No matter what days I select, or if I select them all, as soon as I select any day her code will not work. I have to leave it blank period. Anyone else have this issue or am I going about it the wrong way? Thanks!

I am noticing that I can see when a user uses their unique combo to unlock the door (notification: “Front Door has been unlocked by bob”), but when they lock it with a unique combo I don’t get the user’s name (notification: Front Door has been locked"). Any idea why that is? I am using kwikset 914.

I did some minor debugging and found the spot in the smartapp where these notifications are published. It seems to be that variable evt.data (which contains user code details) doesn’t exist in the locking state but it does in the unlocking state. I’m not sure if that’s a problem with the app not creating it or if the lock doesn’t provide it (seems likely the former). I wish I could ask @ethayer because I imagine this would be easy for him to answer but it looks like he’s gone. Anyone else know?

Does the 914 have the one button lock feature like the 916? If so, that may be a reason why it’s not sending back anything. I don’t know for sure but the lock may not care who locks it as long as there are codes stored.

I don’t think it has the one-button lock feature – I can choose to lock it from the inside by turning the ‘dial’, using the app, or from the outside with the combo or a key. I added some code in the part of the smartapp which sends the notification for the “Front Door has been locked” to check if the variable evt.data exists and it does not. evt.data does exist when the door is unlocked. It doesn’t matter if I lock it with the combo, app or dial. I am thinking maybe the smartapp doesn’t populate the evt.data variable in the lock scenario (but does in an unlock).

Make sure you’re checking if the evt.value is “unlocked”

You should be able to access at least the following from the lock:

$evt.name, $evt.value, $evt.displayName, $evt.data

So if you wanted to see if the door got locked you’d do ( psuedo code because i’m tired lol )

if (evt.name == "lock") { 
    //Check if the value is unlocked
    if( evt.value == "unlocked"){
    if ( evt.data == "" ) {
       //got nothing from the lock so you can't display or notify any data
      //grab data.usedCode so you know which username to get
      Integer x = data.usedCode
      //retrieve the user name that for code slot stored in X...look through current smartapp code and you'll see an example to retreive

      //log.debug The username that unlocked the door

I can access evt.data in the unlocked state, no problem. but I want to
access it in the locked state. the present code doesn’t try to read
evt.data in the locked state and it appears the variable isn’t populated at
that time.

If what I posted earlier doesn’t work then your lock is probably not compatible. The pseudo code should look for the unlocked action. Meaning when a door is locked and gets unlocked. Not the other way around.

I have Kwikset 916’s and they are compatible.

You could also check out Rboy’s Lock Manager. It’s a small fee for access to his smart apps but they work pretty well. The lock code manager is worth the price of admission

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@jrivera I’m probably not communicating the issue well, sorry about that.
Let me try a different way. I agree with your statement: “The pseudo code
should look for the unlocked action. Meaning when a door is locked and gets
unlocked. Not the other way around.” I want to read evt.data “the other
way around” e.g. a person leaves the house and locks the door with a user
code – I want to know who locked the door, but if I check if evt.data
exists during that action, it does not.