Create a device handler and smart app for Harman-Kardon Omni serie speaker/multiroom


can someone of you make a device handler and smart app for this speakers? apparently there is som jobb don but it doesn’t work:
happy to make some donations for a working way to control this speaker using smartthings app.
Il like to be able to use my deezer account to play music thru them and to talk thrue them, or make a sensor in a alarm send a message thrue them, it would also be awesome if it could be used as a wake up alarm, for exempel tell them so send time to get up in the kidds rum.

EDIT: fund some more link:
the speakers have mic, bluetooth, wlan.

HKAPI - API wrapper for Harman Kardon AVR with network capabilities and HK Remote support.


Since Harman Kardon was bought by Samsung, it’s possible that ST may develop a native DTH for the speakers with TTS capabilities.

@slagle @Brad_ST any insight here?

im guessing that will take a long while?
i would be happy to pay someone to create this, or make the one i link obowe funktion