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Is there something I’m doing wrong here, or are time based triggers actually not available yet?

I get a note on top that says, “This piston does not subscribe to any events. Unless executed by other means, it will never run on its own”.

BTW, that warning sentence is missing a period at the end. :wink:

A very early one.


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I don’t think system variables can act as triggers. Use the virtual device Time and the presets sunset and sunrise.


Some Sonos stuff
PS, you need to sort out your own sonos links.

For the following Piston, do I need to add anything else to the temperature listings. Right now I just have “20”. I want it to be 20 degrees F. Do I need to manually add a degree symbol or an “F”?

Ok I got the samples page started. I tried to recreate the examples you requested as simply as possible. So if I missed the mark on what you were looking for then please let me know and I can try and get them set up more suited to what you were hoping for.


You do not need to add anything like that. The temperature value is going to be a decimal so you will not need to worry about the degree symbol or indicator.

Fahrenheit is set by your hub, no need to set the units in the piston.

Looks great!

I think the UI is already showing units, but I might be wrong. Magic…

One more question about this piston. While it seems to be working correctly, I noticed in the logs that the piston is sending the off command to the hot water pump a couple times an hour. I’m assuming this is because every time the temp updates and it’s still over 20 degrees it sends the off command. Will this cause any negative side effects? If so, is there any way to set up the piston so it only sends the commands when the temp either drops below 20 or rises above 20 for the first time?

Could you set a restriction ‘only when switch is on’?

Quick query on one of your samples, just wondering about the the one where you disable automatic piston state. Why would you do this, not a criticism, just want to expand my knowledge!

I’m trying to create a piston which will change the mode to “Away” when it seems both my wife and my iPhones presence as “Away”.

Is it best to do this with conditions or triggers? I would guess a condition, since triggers are only evaluated once? This would mean that we would have to leave at the same exact time. Otherwise, if we leave, lets say 2 hours apart, a condition will evaluate once it’s noted as true; correct?

[Edit] For example, the piston below:

I disable automatic but am setting them in the tasks section of the IF/ELSE IF. This is done to replicate the way a latching piston works from old CoRE.

That will work. You can get rid of the or and just select both Presence sensors. When multiple items are selected you will get several options including any or all. Just select all. The verbiage will change from “is” to “are”

Please use the following thread to get community assistance if your piston doesn’t work… Let.s keep this thread only for sharing examples…


Whoops, didn’t realize there was a separate thread! Thank you for pointing that out!

Wake up piston for mornings, weekdays and weekend.
Most things you could adjust in variables.
Created for Philips hue, and Sonos.
But like anything, its adjustable.


This piston controls our boiling water tap

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