[DEPRECATED THREAD: visit community.webcore.co for assistance] WebCoRE - Example Pistons

This piston turns off the Iron if it has been inactive for a while. It detects when the Iron is in standby mode. It also turns on the bedroom light if the iron is used in the morning.

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I’ve got to admit - I’m beyond excited to see such practical examples. Can I ask how I’d import this into my WebCoRE instance? The import button just takes me to the create piston from scratch view :frowning:

You didn’t read the top after selecting that. Click the orange button and type in that import code you see

I think the verbiage changed, because it doesn’t say anything about the orange button when trying to import from an external source, that said, I figured it out at exactly the same time you posted this (restoring from backup).

I know this is alpha software, but it’s looking awesome @ady624. I’ve heard a ton about CoRE on the Facebook group and hadn’t made time to look into it, kind of glad I waited since I can do all this from my computer at work or home and handle a lot of complexity with the desktop view.

This is what I was referring too. The import feature just doesn’t exist

I misunderstood your post (sorry). Thought you were saying that the text you just pasted an image of included a hint about restoring from backup as a way to import pistons for now. Sincerely appreciative of your help though - there are some great examples here already :slight_smile:

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No worries. I am here to help!

I’m sure there are a ton of ways to do this but this is how I do automatic motion lighting for each room. Works great!


Are these pistons going to be submitted to the webCoRE Wiki? I think it would be good to keep all the information in one place.



I think we will keep the sample pistons to something basic. A lot of the ones submitted above are pretty specific to his use cases. I am open to suggestions on what kind of sample pistons anyone would like to see?

I would say sample pistons that show a process instead of a specific purpose.

  1. A piston where something happens at a certain time
    1a. A piston where something happens at a certain time with an offset.
    1b. A piston where something happens between a set of times.
  2. A piston based on weather
  3. A piston based on motion
    3a. A piston where an action happens on motion and another action happens when motion has stopped.
  4. A piston that sends a notification (sms and/or pushed) based on a trigger.
  5. A piston where when one switch activates, another switch activates.
    5a. A piston where the status of one switch is mirrored on another switch.

Those are just a few I can think of.


Ok, an interesting example coming up

This is a complicated piston for setting the thermostat temperature depending on who is home and if certain override virtual switches (Switches 5,6, and 20) are set. At the bottom (Setpoint 60) it depends on many lights in the house being off.

Good luck on simplifying this one.

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Setting the evening lighting:

Turns on the light if the door opens at night:

[quote=“Rhinesel, post:32, topic:86060”]
A piston based on weather

Turns on light if it isn’t full sunlight and I open the door or arrive:

[quote=“Rhinesel, post:32, topic:86060”]
3a. A piston where an action happens on motion and another action happens when motion has stopped.

I had to do this one in two steps:

When my wife gets home and I am home (Look busy):


Here’s a piston I’m trying to set up to automatically turn of my hot water recirculation pump 2 hours after it is turned on. I have a few different ways in which the pump is turned on, and I was hoping this piston would be a catch all type situation that could always turn it off after two hours no matter how it was turned on. For some reason though, it doesn’t always work as intended. This morning for example, webCoRE sent the off command to the pump almost immediately after it was turned on rather than waiting the 2 hours. Can anyone see anything in the code that could be the obvious reason for this?

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I will construct these tonight when I get home

Swap changes to on to is on. Triggers change state again almost immediately. So your TCP is going to cancel

Go click on the warming=true and once in the editor, click on the wait above it to rearrange the order.

Set warming = true
Comes first, then the wait 2 hours… you probably want @warming to be true during the two hours, right?

Here is one I created to let me know if Rain moves in and windows are open. I am using Nest Weather Icon as the trigger

So My son got “Hot” at night and was turning on the AC, with all the windows open. So I created this to keep that from happening .

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Just starting with webcore, but as for how it would work with the original, which I assume would be basically the same, this is how it would need to be laid out.