Yes, as these devices are new i thought I would get the ikea hub and move them the ST at a suitable time…

Ugh… my blinds are a mess with this… I cant get them to open or close reliably. the remote is worthless at this point, i press the button once quickly nothing happens. I hold it down for 1 second, they open like 10% then stop, I press the same button again (open) and then they close?!? what!!! Then they randomly closed so much that they started to open the opposite direction all the way… these are almost completely unusuble at this point. I cant open them all the way or close them all the way reliably anymore… there has to be an answer to this… its a mess!

Do they work reliably on their own, without any connected hub and just using the buttons on the blind itself ?
I’ve had problems with one of my blinds refusing to go all the way up, only going 1cm at a time, completely unravelling etc…
I think its down to unexpected resistance when winding up/down causing the firmware to think its reached the top (which it hasn’t) and that’s now the new top.
So going to do a firmware update - through Tradfri - to see if that solves it. Otherwise, with a 5-year guarantee, this particular one is being replaced.

You have a point. they were not behaving even with the buttons on the shade themselves, they wouldn’t lower more than like 15% . they just stopped cold. i pulled the battery then did a both button reset. They seem to work with the buttons on the shades themselves. Not testing the other stuff right now as i need them to work so I can sleep. So far my most problematic smart device i own. super unreliable.

I got the remote paired with @Luis_Pinto DHT and the shade with @a4refillpad DHT. Thanks guy for your work :slight_smile:
now, how shall I connect action from button press to shade opening? There was a mention of a smart app, where I can find it?

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well, I’m using now ABC manager smartapp to control the shade up and down to a specific %.
I see that the DHT created 4 type of button devices:

  1. open/close switch
  2. open/close switch bottom button
  3. open/close switch release button
  4. open close switch top button

I have used button 2) and 4) to open and close the shade to a specific %
what is button 1)? it has 3 buttons inside.
and what is button 4) 1 button inside.
which shall I use to have the top button hold, or bottom button hold, so to adjust manually the shade?

There is now a native handler for these shades already in the ide called battery window shade ZigBee

It works 100% in the classic and new app no need for a custom handler.


Does it support local execution?

No, looks like it is still cloud based.

That’s a shame…
Ive had my 5 blinds connected to both the ikea and smarthings hubs and not experienced any issues. All my devices are running the lastest firmware.
The only issues Ive had is when I change the batteries, sometimes they’re ok others i had to reset.
Looks like Homekit. Is delayed so will keep them on the ikea hub for a little longer.
I wonder if the issues people have are firmware related…

I have 3 connected to ST and with original firmware (2.2.007) and 1 on the Ikea hub so it updated firmware to 2.2.009.

All 4 work ok and consistently from a software and pairing perspective on both firmware versions.

I updated one of them, as it was ‘sticking’ (i.e. a mechanical problem) on the way up or down and losing track of where it was. Thought it may be software related (i.e. the volts threshold it uses to see when its at the top).

I also put some silicon spray on the plastic bushing on the RHS.

I’ve been putting it up and down whenever I go downstairs for a coffee, and its only got stuck once so far.

Could not say whether the FW update or the silicon spray has solved (or mitigated) the issue, going to see how many times it does fail to complete the journey up or down - the other 3 have never failed.

Don’t really fancy going to IKEA at this time of year, but they have offered to replace plus it does have a 5-year guarantee.

Yeah I see thanks, It seems that it has the same name of the @a4refillpad DHT.
I was asking which is the best smart app to use to control the remote paired with @Luis_Pinto DHT.

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I have been using the DH for both the shades and button control. About three days ago they both disappeared from SmartThings. I’ve been able to get the button back but can’t get the blinds to pair. Tried both the classic in the new app. Thoughts?

Id give the batteries a charge and try again…

It still misses long button press.

Been using my smartapp for two months now, still working flawlessly.

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I would like to try it. Where can I find it? :slight_smile:
I did not find it in your repo. Sorry If I miss it somehow.

Post 91 on this thread.

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Sorry, I really don´t get it. In that post you mentioned that the smartapp is also there in the git repository.
where is it exactly? I added your ikea button DHT, I don’t see any smartapp. I´m sure I am missing something really easy :frowning:

This is it

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