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Anyone? Trying to setup my third Shades, but I cannot change the type for the button to the Pinto button type “Ikea Up Down buton”. I says it updates, but afterwards it says the type is “Ikea Button” Also tried the trick doing this in incognito mode and I rebooted the hub.

So, I tried all the tips suggested in this thread. Clicking 5 times and then waiting for pulsing light and supposedly a “Thing”, which I can update the device typeon. But it is dicovered as “Ikea Trådfri Open/Close Remote” every time. Is this Ikeas ST DH for this button? I thought custom DH would superseed? How can I accomplish this?

Pretty shure you are receiving an error on live logs when switching dht, can you post it?

Will try. Managed to create a device by using the same network id as the other one and deleting that, but now I cannot get the child devices to produce. The button has the right type and is reporting battery percentage. IF this is right, how can I get the chid devices? Is it not just to click the buttons?

So much going on there, impossible to catch anything unless you have a method to write it to a log? (I suppose I could use my Splunk-setup somehow). But I notice the Smartapp is working with the wrong DH…It creates 3 child buttons: "Ikea Open/Close Remote Down, Ikea Open Close Remote Up and Ikea Open/Close Remote. My working bedroom has 4 buttons. Including a Release button.

Is the app not supporting many buttons? Is this the reason perhaps?

You are missing a release button, this is why I think it is failing when it created the release button. I will commit new code today, see if it fixes your problem.

Thanks, but strange not more people are getting this problem, though.

I have had also some problems after they included dht in official handlers.

ok, looking forward to your update!

Sorry it took long, been busy at work. Changes commited, please test it, child devices should now be recreated after device update (change device name, for example)

Hello i have integrated the window blinds (3x) in my Smartthings Subnet and integrated the Buttons (2x) too.
My Problem is in the Kitchen. I want the min length of the blind is 21% not 0%. I want that the 21% is the new min length of 0%. How i can do this on the DH?? Not with the Button Pressing twice because this is only working when the Button is directly connected to the Blinds.

And also when i Change the DH i think this is for all of my Blinds Right?
So i Need a DH for the Kitchen and for the other Blinds?

Just to be clear, when you say pressing the button twice are you referring to the external button? To set Maximum Drop Length, position the blind to where you want it to stop, the on the roller mechanism press the down button on the top left twice. That sets the maximum drop. It’s not the separate white, external button, it’s the one on the blind mechanism itself.


Ahh okay :smiley: Thanks for this Picture ^^ Problem solved!!!

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Hi Luis,

Thanks, got now to work. Still got 3 child devices (no release button), and had to turn on “inverse” and to reset both bottom and top lengths to get it to stop at the top and bottom. Thanks!

The third button should be the release button. If you use my app you can emulate original Ikea functionality with following parameters


Yup, I had the SAME problem. The vague IKEA drawings instructions aren’t very clear about that.

Don´t get that button. Could it be, because I am using the A4Refillpad DH? The buttons should come before I setup the app if I click on of the 2 buttons, right?

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That’s right, as far as I know A4Refillpad DH doesn’t implement release button.

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Hi bought the fyrtur blinds but have no idea how to install onto SmartThings so it can be controlled on the app, anyone can walk me thru it? Please and thank you!

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