[DEPRECATED] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive)

Doing the edit / done trick did not update the details. However, when I check the hive dashboard, it certainly did perform the operation. The data in the UI just has not updated.

Seems to have been sorted by saving the device type again as suggested… I keep an eye on it but thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I have rewritten the Hive integration with SmartThings. Treat V2.0 as a beta for now. You can test this alongside your existing Hive device types without breaking anything.

Need to see if Hive (Connect) works across various accounts including V1 thermostats and multi zone Hive setups (Hint @viks). Please let me know if you spot any issues.

There is no backwards compatibility with the older device types so you will have to port any existing smart app rules on your Hive thermostats across if you want to use Hive Connect permanently.

Many thanks for this @Alyc100 - this app convinced me to buy a SmartThings hub. It’s working perfectly and it’s brilliant to be free from the Hive closed eco system.

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New release - Hive Heating Device Type updated to v2.1. (Requires upgrade to Hive Connect V2.0 Smart App)

Introducing button temperature control via improved thermostat multi attribute tile and new buttons.
More responsive temperature control.
Boost button behaviour changed to cater for new button control.
Improved Tile layout to reduce need for scrolling.

Let me know if you come across any issues and any feedback whether this is better or worse than the old layout. The old layout is still available if you prefer but is commented out on line 170.

EDIT : It seems the iOS 2.1.0 ST app update has hidden the status messages in the main section. This apparently has been addressed in a new ST app update submitted to the app store in coming days.

I have tweaked a few minor things around temperature control responsiveness in latest version 2.1.1

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New update - Hive (Connect) SmartApp updated to v2.1

Improved authentication process.
Streamlined menu to allow for functionality expansion.
Added notification framework for thermostat events.

Any feedback or ideas as usual, please let me know. If you have installed v2.0, this is fully backwards compatible with Hive (Connect) SmartApp v2.0 so just paste over the old SmartApp code, save and publish. Your credentials and thermostats will carry over into the new version automatically.

I love the new look and connect smart app but for the hive heating device is it possible to re add boost for ungrounded numbers such as 15,23,67,ext

Hi Alex,

The new Connect app seems to be working great for me, only used it for a few minutes, but looks good so far :slightly_smiling:
For the new Heating app, I like the new layout and reduced scrolling :slightly_smiling: I have found a couple of bit for feedback (not issues or bugs):

  • I had the boot temp set at 29 minutes, which not jumps by 10 minutes with the new UI.
    –> Is it possible to change it to jump 5 minutes at a time?
    –> For me personally having it at 29 mins is a bit odd, and would like to have it at 30min or 20 mins. Is there a way to force it to default at the closest whole number?

I have been thinking about creating a rule to run heating or hot water when we arrive and leave, based on time and day. As the ST location capability on the Android mobile app is a bit hot a miss, I haven’t been willing to take the risk of coming to a cold house or running the heating all day, when ST thinks I’m not home or have been home the whole day. Have you or anyone tried any rules with Hive and what have you found?

New update - Hive Heating Device v2.1.3 - Allow changing of boost interval amount in device settings.

Now if you go into the Hive Heating device and click the Cog icon on the top right, you can enter a custom boost interval to suit your preference. This defaults to 10.

@viks - This incorporates a fix that automatically adjusts the boost length value depending on the boost length interval specified when you press ‘up’ or ‘down’. For example, you won’t get a value of 49 minutes if the boost length interval is 10.

New update - Hive Heating Device v2.1.4 - Allow changing on boost target temperature in device settings…

Now if you go into the Hive Heating device and click the Cog icon on the top right, select ‘Edit Device’, you can enter a custom boost target temperature to suit your preference. This defaults to 22.

Apologies for the quick succession of updates. Thought that this would be very useful though.

EDIT: Hive Heating Device v2.1.5 - Device Settings option added to disable Hive Heating Device. In summer, you might want to keep your Hive Heating Off. This option stops any external SmartApp commands from reactivating Hive Heating.

EDIT 2 - Hive Heating Device v2.1.5c - Minor bug fixes.

I use rules with my Hive heating system and they work fine. I use the brilliant Rule Machine although it doesn’t expose boost mode, but can turn Hive Off and back to Auto. I also created this SmartApp Auto Mode for Thermostats for my use. In my example, it turns off Hive when we all leave and sets Hive to ‘boost’ when one person arrives to get the heating on straight away but for a limited boost time.

Don’t forget that with the new Hive Heating device via the device settings screen, you can now specify your boost temperature so it’s not the default 22 degrees and disable the Hive Heating Device for the summer when you want it off and don’t want a rule automation to turn it back on. The disable option saves you having to delete those automations just for the summer.

In terms of the worry of having the heating on all day, if you use Auto mode which is controlled by Hive, then there is no danger of that. So an example is that when you’re out for the day or on holiday, then Hive will turn off saving you money. If ST doesn’t register you as away for some reason then it just keeps to your schedule. You can also set up notifications using the new Hive Connect app so that you know when ST turns Hive Heating and Hot Water off and on again.

Thanks Alex. Useful insight. Thanks

I have managed to get the updated heating app setup and just started to use it. I have some feedback, as I have seen that the UI doesn’t look quite as I expected, not sure if this is correct. I observed the following since I think build v2.1 and confirm in the latest build.

I have attached two screen shots, the first one is of the hot water. It shows the off status in the middle of the main status window correctly, which changes to on (with a orange background) when the hot water is turned on.
-> I notice three dashes on the bottom left corner, which must be there to show a status of some kind, but doesn’t show anything when off, on or boost.

The second screen shot is of the heating (on one of my floors), which shows a white panel in the status window and two arrows (Up and down). When the heating is on or on boost, the status panel lights up in orange (like in the hot water case), with the current temp and the target temp at the bottom.
-> Not showing any info on the dashes on the bottom left corner, like in the hot water screen
-> when the heating is not on, the screen does not show the current temp in the thermostat zone
-> What are the arrows for, when I press them, the target temp when heating is on, increases (even if I press the lower or upper arrow)

Hope this helps

Thanks for the Android feedback. This is very useful as I don’t have an Android to test on. I can’t see any screenshots at the moment though. Make sure you have v2.1.5c for the issue about the arrows. I fixed those this morning.

Regarding the other issues, I know the ST app 2.1.0 update did a lot of funny things to the tiles and awaiting for a new fix to the app before I figure out these display issues.

I have loaded v2.1.5c at about 1.30pm today, so I have the latest.
Sorry forgot to add the screenshots… here you are:

I can confirm, after a quick test, the arrows on the Status panel do work correctly now. :slightly_smiling:

Try updating to Hive Heating Device v2.1.5d. Does that fix the blank display?

No change that I can see yet. I will have a longer look a little later today, and report back.

No change, but did notice that the v1 does not have the same issue. V1 shows the current temp and has a red background.

Hi Alex.
Getting better by the day but is it possible for you to add an indicator of boost time left rather than the restart boost button as I feel that it would be beneficial to mine and lots of people’s setups. Thanks

The boost time remaining will reappear when ST fix their app. iOS 2.1.0 - Release Notes - Commentary . Just out of interest, are you Android or iOS?