[DEPRECATED] Hive Active Hot Water Device Type

This device type has now been merged into a Hive (Connect) SmartApp

[DEPRECATED] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive).

Latest Version v1.2 - Updated 05/01/2016 21:40

Sitting alongside Hive Heating is the new device type for Hive Hot Water control. You can view the status of the hot water relay and be able to control the mode between Schedule, Off and On. One issue is that sometimes the information from the Hive API about the status of the hot water relay is being reported incorrectly.

For Hive Heating, see [DEPRECATED] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive)

Here are the instructions to get this to work.

Add the code from GitHub as a new ‘My Device Types’, select create from code option and paste.

Create a new device (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list)
Name: Your Choice
Device Network Id: Your Choice
Type: Hive Active Heating (should be the last option)
Location: Choose the correct location
Hub/Group: Leave blank

Update device preferences
Click on the new device to see the details.
Click the edit button next to Preferences
Fill in your your Hive user name, Hive password.


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Now with added Hot Water Boost functionality!

Works great for me! Great companion app for Hive 2 channel (HW + Heat) users and Alex’s Hive Active Heating device type; [RELEASE] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive)

Thanks again Alex!

Latest version v1.1.3 to support the event that ‘cool’ mode is accidentally set by an external smart app. It will switch to manual mode instead.

New update v1.1.4. Now should automatically update state every 10 minutes WITHOUT Pollster! This has been working for me since last night. Let me know how you get on.

  1. Remove device from Pollster first.
  2. Update with v1.1.4 code, save and publish.
  3. Go into Hive Hot Water device Thing within mobile app.
  4. Click the 3 dots on top right.
  5. Click ‘Edit Device’.
  6. Click ‘Done’ to enforce update() method.
  7. Should be up and running without the need for Pollster.

For anyone who has v1.1.4, please update to v1.1.5. This version improves the scheduler reliability when using the device without the Pollster app. You will have to repeat steps 2 - 6 in previous post.

New release v1.2. Added the ability to adjust boost length.

This device type has now been merged into a Hive (Connect) SmartApp

Hi Alyc,

Firstly let me congratulate you on a great! piece of work. I however having problems with the Hot water device type using the v2.0b version, the status of the Hot water is not changing on the iPhone app and I am unable to change reliably between states shed, off, on etc.

I am not have any problems with the heating control it is fantastic

I am using IFTTT and Amazon ECHO with SmartThings and I am now able to control switchs (lights etc) via voice commands on the ECHO if it is possible to expose the control states the Hive as switches then this would allow Alex on the echo to be able to turn on an off the heating etc with commands like Alexa turn heating off.

Can you take as look at the hot water device type code, I wonder if others are having problems ?

Thanks! so much for your help


Hi Brian,

Are you using iOS ST app by any chance? I would suggest to wait for the expected 2.1.1 app release that they are currently rolling out for Android users first. Since ST app 2.1.0, the Hive hot water app does not show the current status anymore due to a bug in the ST app. If you look at the ‘Recently’ tab on the device, you should see that the thermostat mode is changing in the background but it’s just not clear on the ‘Right Now’ display. You will see that the Hive Heating device also will improve once ST fix the iOS app display issues.

You should still be able to select a mode on the ST Hive Hot Water device and it will reflect on the Hive system in the background. For example, select ‘Off’ within the ST app and log into hivehome.com and check the hot water status in the browser to test.


Hi Alex,

Yes I am using the ST iOS app 2.1.0 and due to the app bugs I am finding that the Hot Water status, on, off is not being shown as you state, also the “on” button does not work on the HW app.
I guess this will be fixed on the next ST app release. I however have linked to the AMAZON ECHO successfully and I am able now to set the HIVE heating thermostat temperature via voice commands on the ECHO such as “Alexa set heating thermostat 21 degrees” and also to ask Alex to turn up/down the heat. (note you have to set metric units on the ECHO for this to work properly)

It would be great if it were possible to expose and automate the modes via the ECHO. I have found that setting the temp to 5 degrees is as good as off and then to 21 degrees for on and this works for now. Have you seen this code which uses virtual switches I am going to test it out over the WE


kindest regards


Hi Alex,

Some further thoughts i am wondering if the hot water device type for the Hive would be better as a switch than a thermostat

In fact you cannot adjust the hot water thermostat with Hive. The hot water temp is controlled by the boiler thermostat so temp automation is not enabled

Being able to switch on and off the hot water and selecting shed is all that really needed.

From Amazon Alexa you can change the Hive heating temp but the command to change the hot water temp does not work for the reasons above; a switch automation looks appropriate

I would be interested in your thoughts on this

Kindest regards


Hi Brian,

I have thought about this, but I think the thermostat mode control of Off, On, Scheduled and Boost is a natural fit for the hot water device. I can’t speak for everyone else, but the behaviour in my household is that hot water tends to be left on a schedule (one morning and one evening heat) with a boost performed when extra hot water is required.

This SmartApp below might help you. Create a Simulated Switch via the IDE and then use the app below to map the switch onto a Hive thermostat mode. The way I use it is to have a switch in ST that boosts hot water when on by mapping the switch to ‘Boost’ mode on the Hive Hot Water device. It also stops the boost when the switch is turned off.

Hi Alex,

Using a simulated switch does seem the right way, and I guess once the Switch is implemented then it can be exposed to the Amazon Echo I will look into this. At the moment the ECHO sees both the Heating and Hot water thermostat as much the same (thermostat device type) and you can use the same Alexa commands on both, there does not appear to be an Alexa command to change modes although there are some third party “Skills” in this space.

This means that today the Alexa command “Alexa set heating thermostat 21” works fine however the same command “Alexa set hot water thermostat 21” does nothing as the hot water thermostat is not automated

ECHO see’s both the HOT Water and Heating thermostats as the device type thermostat however if we expose the modes as simulated switches in SmartThings then the command "Alexa switch on (simulated mode switch) should work and the corresponding Alexa switch off command should also work. For the Hot water as you say this would be best.


Hi Alex,

I loaded the Thermostat Rules Smart Apps, this is great! and I tested mode switching with the Heating Thermostat this worked fine. I set up a simulated switch and could control modes with this. For the Hot Water there were problems Off works fine but Boost and Man did not work although you do get push message the Hive does not set the modes.

Another problem is that the simulated switch is not found by the Alexa discover devices which is rather strange and I do not know why yet.


Hi Alex,

The Man and Boost switches did not work either from the Hot Water app, it looks like there is a problem with the commends being sent to the Hive for these modes. The heating modes all worked fine its just the hot water modes except off which works fine


Thanks for the feedback Brian. What’s strange is that the hot water device works as expected for me so difficult to find out what the problem is with your account until ST fix the app and add back the status display. The status display will make it easier to debug. You’re the first one to flag up this bug.

One thing to note is that the hot water heating and idle status within the ST device is not accurate. This is because the Hive API does not seem to return the real time status of the hot water unlike the heating.


I have the Hive version with a separate water system not the combined system, do not know if that makes a difference and I am using the latest thermostat,

Nor at this point why the Amazon Echo does not detect the simulated switch from ST

Kindest regards


Same here. I have a separate water system using the Hive V2 Thermostat.

Hi Alex,

I fixed the Alexa issue, it looks like you have to manually enable the simulated switch in the ST Alexa Smartapp and then do a discovery on Alexa. I now can turn on and off the heating modes between on and shed using the Alexa commands turn on/off home heating as well as the set heating temp or turn down heating commands which is great!!! thank you so much for the excellent software.

On the hot water side I am not sure what is going wrong, I will see if the situation persists after the ST iOS app upgrade, however I think that there must be more to sort as the Hive does not respond to the switch automation on the water side when driven by a simulated switch (except for off which is strange)

Kindest regards