[RELEASE] British Gas myHome Device Type

Hi all,

This device type is based on the great work done by Alyc100 for the Hive Active Heating device type. British Gas recently updated their existing ‘myHome’ boiler controls to use the new Hive web-interface.

Even though you can access your myHome boiler controls through the same hive interface as the newer Hive v1 and Hive v2 thermostats, the backend API is very different.

Below is the custom device type which will allow you to connect your British Gas myHome smart thermostat to SmartThings. Enjoy.

I hope this is of help to you!

Hi Tom,

Thanks a lot for making this device type. I am a British Gas Myhome user and I’ve tried installing your device type but all I get is tiles that cannot be changed. I must be doing something wrong. I create the custom device type, set the capabilities, set the custom commands, paste in the code, comment out the iOS tiles and uncomment the Android ones (I’m on Android), publish, create a new device with this device type, enter my login details in the prefs… but I just get a generic 19 degrees temperature. None of the buttons (manual / schedule / off) do anything…

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?