[DEPRECATED] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive)

This isn’t working for me - can anyone give me any pointers - have double checked the instructions and can see the device, but it’s just blank. Log;
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: error groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Bad Request @ line 514
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: debug Calling login()
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: debug Need to login
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: debug No data.auth
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: debug isLoggedIn state null
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: debug Calling isLoggedIn()
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: debug Executing 'api’
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:42:15 PM: debug Executing 'poll’
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:41:15 PM: error groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Bad Request @ line 514
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:41:15 PM: debug Calling login()
9d989576-d4a3-4957-8a1d-88ecfcfa38da 1:41:15 PM: debug Need to login


Have you added in your Hive username and password in the device settings/preferences?

:no_mouth: Ok that’s a bit embarassing.

I don’t suppose you know how to change the bottom left (stat temperature?) from farenheit to centigrade do you? The target temp is fine in degrees c, but everything else is in centigrade!

BTW thanks for your help and great app, really appreciate you sharing it!

Can you share a screenshot? The app is coded for Celsius only as it’s a UK product so it should all be in Celsius.

Hi, Yeah sure - see attached.

Whats weird is that the temp sensor readouts on my ST kit sensors (door contact and motion) are also in Celcius! I’m in the UK and it’s a UK hub 2 from PC World so would have thought it would default to celcius.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the lower slider (set the stat?) doesn’t seem to work - it moves but always defaults to 32 when you reload.

Are there any plans for hot water control or schedule editing?

If you have the Heating & Hot water Hive I believe you need this App!

@Alyc100 Scrap that bud - managed to work it out (schoolboy error again lol)…

For anyone else getting this problem you have to edit the ‘temperature scale’ setting on your location via https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/location/ Change from ‘F’ to ‘C’.

Once done if you refresh your sensors in the ST app then it will change to celcius, if not you may need to re-add the sensor.

Thats what was causing the issue with the stat setting bar too, as its coded for celsius.

@doberman Didn’t notice that one cheers - I might even remember to put the username and password in before I post for help setting it up :smile:

I also found a slight bug (with ST, not with the Hive devices) that means if you change from F to C, sometimes it won’t refresh until you put an offset in to a temperature sensor - even if the offset is zero.
Mine was stuck on F even after changing the location temperature scale but as soon as I entered an offset it changes. Must force some sort of update.

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Glad you got it all working. No plans to implement schedule editing within SmartThings. I think the Hive app and website is the best place for that.

The main purpose to do this was so that other SmartApps such as the brilliant Rule Machine and my very own ‘Auto Mode for Thermostats’ app (see post 61) can now interact with the Hive ecosystem.

This is awesome - my Hive 2 is arriving this week :smile:
Now I just have to hook up the temperature sensors on my solar water heating…

Latest version v1.10.5 to support the event that ‘cool’ mode is accidentally set by an external smart app. It will switch to manual heat instead.

Just bought SmartThings and first attempt at the Hive integration. Did all as described (easy to follow!!) - the device type and device was created and credentials input ok. However on using it, it only shows the icons but does not show any information. Also my Hive app on my phone no longer works with a message “Wrong Device Found -The device that has been installed is not supported by Hive Multizone” with a number to call - not done that yet. I had to uninstall the Device in SmartThings and then to get Hive smartphone (Android) app working again had to uninstall then install it again from Google Appstore. My Thermostat is a British Gas one and not a recent Hive branded one - they converted the app to Hive recently and all works ok.

Any ideas before I ring British Gas on the error message? Are they aware of SmartThings? Is it some sort of version thing?? Grateful for any thoughts/help!!

This has not been tested on non hive thermostats. I don’t think British Gas can help as this integration is unofficial and unsupported. I’m afraid it might be that your thermostat is not compatible with this device type. Not sure if I can create a fix as I don’t have access to an account with your thermostat type. Sorry it might not be the answer you want to hear.

Hugely appreciated and understood. Is there any information I can ask British Gas with regard to ‘access to an account with your thermostat type’. What can I provide on the thermostat type or access which may help? I’m sure I’m not alone with one of these and so would be of benefit to more folk who have one (and benefit British Gas maybe) Again. Many thanks. Guess at worst I get an ‘upgrade’?

When users were having Hive 1 issues I had access to a family member’s account and could see how the code was failing for his particular setup. There seemed to be inconsistencies between accounts so what worked for me didn’t work for a lot of other people. I was able to fix the issue and the device type now works for a lot of Hive 1 and 2 customers.

I have a feeling that with your pre hive thermostat, there maybe a completely different set of API commands as the functionality will be different. Without asking for your password and username (which i would never do) to perform various tests with API commands, I have no way of working out and fixing the issue with your thermostat model.

British Gas have not opened up their API officially and so their support team will probably be unable to help. As this is an unofficial integration I am concerned that they could block this API if they became aware of this project. The API is quite powerful and improper use of it can break Hive configurations (as you might have seen when you tried it with your thermostat) and I don’t think Hive would be keen for the public to use it in it’s current form.

Again I completely understand and appreciate it. I have no issue in providing my BG login credentials BTW if it helps to resolve the issue for me and others but I totally respect your view. I also understand that we don’t necessarily want to give exposure to BG themselves so I’ll call them and ask a generic Q on SmartThings with my particular thermostat. If you want to take a look then I can provide my email address for you to contact me? Bit frustrating as it’s one of the main reasons for SmartThings for me. Really appreciate your help!

Hi Alex, et al

This is a great implementation, and have managed to get the hot water and heating to work quickly. So thank you for your efforts already, as they helped me.

I bought Hive as the Hive 2 now supports multiple zones, in addition to the standard Hot water and Heating. For example, I have two heating zones in my house and also one hot water. As a result, I need to be able to control hot water (which already works perfectly) and the two heating zones independently. I have got one heating zone to work already, but I’m not sure how to get the other one setup and working.

I am sure this won’t be as popular as other features already implemented, but this would help me out :smile:


Hi @viks ,

It might be something I could look into implementing but it would require access to your account by temporarily changing your password to see how multi zone responds to various API calls. DM me if you’re happy to help out.


Thank you for creating the integration.
A few comments:

  1. Is it not possible to prompt for username and password like other apps to?
  2. Have the option to either input the target temperature directly as numbers or have +/- buttons to increase/decrease temp by 0.5 degrees because the slider is very fiddly and not precise.

Happy to contribute if you share a donate link.

Hi jbtibor,

Thanks for the feedback and glad you’re finding this project useful. In answer to your questions…

  1. Not quite sure that I understand question 1. Do you mean a pop up within the app?
  2. This used to be how the device used to work with button controls back on version 1.0. The issue was that the Hive API lag was too long and made this way of controlling the thermostat very frustrating via SmartThings.

Thanks for the offer of a contribution, but in the spirit of open source project work, I am just happy with good feedback and ideas.