[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**

This suite looks amazing. Regardless, my wife wants to walk over to the Ecobee4 and change the temperature. Can she still do that or will this new smart app become her only interface? What about the Ecobee app itself? What are the interactions between the Suite and the ecobee app? Finally, I will be integrating with Keen vents. I don’t want to purchase a Keen bridge but do want that functionality. How does that work in this Ecobee Suite?


Thanks for asking - all good questions.

  • You can change the thermostat setpoints using any tool you want - my Suite is just another interface to the standard operation of the thermostat. It doesn’t monkey around with trying to fake the setpoints in any way - whatever you set is what you’ll get, and you can change the setpoints from any device/app/location you choose.
  • If you use the new Thermal Comfort Helper, the Suite will adjust the setpoints based on humidity changes throughout the day. For maximum WAF, you may not want to try that.
  • If you can pair your Keen vents directly to SmartThings, you’ll be fine. The included Smart Vents Helper will adjust the vent’s open percentage based on temperature sensors you select.



Thanks for the quick and thorough answer. I’ll give it a go without the Keen bridge and try out the Ecobee Suite. I saw the very detailed install guide you created and much appreciate that too.


Just to expand on this because I just had the same issue…
In the Smartthings Mobile App, goto: My Home
You will see two new devices created by Ecobee Smart Suite app
Click on one of them, then choose the gear wheel a the top right corner
Scroll down to the bottom of the settings screen
Click the red remove button.
Do the same for the other test device.

After playing with it and searching for other vids, it seems like generic-motion would be the ideal vid for remote sensors (motion,temp,battery), right? So weird. The default ecobee-sensor DTH is showing temp first, but the ST community repo’s ecobee sensor doesn’t even define a vid, haha

Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.00 Released

As of Friday, May 17, 2019 the latest release of my Ecobee Suite can be found here:

I noticed the smart mode and set points helper doesn’t send sms messages. Not a big deal, was using them to help babysit if it’s functioning but just manually checking in, just a heads up

I’ll look into that, after I clean up some other cruft I’ve created…thatnks for the heads up…

If I switch to universal am I starting over?

No, version 1.7.00 is a continuum - a simple upgrade to what you’re already running (so long as you’re on 1.4.** or later.

Just wait until tomorrow AM to upgrade - there’s a 1.7.05 coming to fix a bunch of little issues that have cropped up.


I am having trouble with resumeProgram(). Are there parameters I need to set?

  1. What version of Ecobee Suite are you running?
  2. What programming language are you using to call resumeProgram()?
  3. How are you calling resumeProgram() (code snippet, please)
  4. What is the problem you are seeing?
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I just installed for the first time. Used the Github repos for the 2 devices and the 12 smartapps. I logged my Ecobee credentials in the Classic app and hit Save (on Android). Going to hit save again (to close out and restart) and I get a red error message stating “Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again.” I still have Ecobee (Connect) installed but the readme file from Github states this is OK? Do you know best next step for installation. Thanks!!

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the quick reply

  1. v1.7 of the Ecobee Suite

  2. webCore

  3. Snippets (VentControl is the errant piston. I included NightVents just so you can see the whole idea.

  4. Flipping the virtual switch VentsUp to ON properly returns push msg “Hold: VentsUp until tommorow at 8 am” and the thermostat itself also appropriately changes. Flipping the switch to OFF, does not resume the regular program which is either Sleep or Home, but rather repeats the same msg as above. If I change the parameters for ON to ‘indefinite’, the msg upon on or off reads “Hold: VentsUp forever”

Ideally, I would also include the below piston, but for testing I have this paused.



Brian -

If you check your Devices list, you will probably find two “test” devices - one thermostat and one sensor. Simply remove those by hand, then go back to Ecobee Suite Manager and it should proceed…

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Howard -

Does the “Resume” button on the Thermostat Device work after your app has set the Program to VentsUp?

It’s not a big deal, but I suggest that you use the attribute “currentProgram” instead of “schedule”. The latter is updated more “lazily”, and it’s value is based off of currentProgram.

I’ll look to see if there is a resumeSchedule bug somewhere…

Thanks Barry,

The pistons now look like below with “schedule” changed to “currentProgram”. All run, but flipping the virtual switch to OFF does not resume. Nor does the Resume switch on the Ecobee Suite thermostat; ex. if I push the Away button using the suite thermostat, program changes to Away as it should. Pressing Resume button does not resume.


OK, somethings definitely wrong if the button doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, I cannot recreate the issue you are seeing, so I’ll need some more info from you, if you don’t mind:

!. Open Ecobee Suite Manager on your mobile and note the version shown at the top.
2. Open Preferences (the gear) for Ecobee Thermostat and note the version displayed there.
3. Turn on Live Logging in the IDE, then set the thermostat to “Away”,
4. Then, click the resume button and check the Live Log for any errors - could be in the Thermostat device, or it could be in Ecobee Suite Manager - please check both for the time that you clicked Resume.

In #4, I need to know what the FIRST error you see in the logs is…

Worry not, we will get this figured out…

Let me know those version numbers and I’ll work from there…

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I updated everything yesterday and now none of my automations seem to work. I am on version 1.7.09 of Ecobee Suite Manager and the only helper app I use is the Mode/Routine/Switches/Program Helper which is on version 1.7.06. I have the helper app set to change the Ecobee Program when the Location Mode changes, but it does nothing. This has been working flawless for months (maybe years?). Any idea what happened?

First I’ve heard, but nothing should have been broken, but I’m human. I really need to fix this - can you get me answers below, please?

Are you seeing errors in Live Logging for the Helper, the Thermostat or the Manager?

Have you tried opening and saving the settings for the Helper? If so, did it solve your problem?