[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved


Please update the Main App to most recent version…

the output message is different " congradulations, your echosistant is now setup properly" then sending messages says “oh no something went wrong if this happens again please reach out for help”

it looks like you changed the main intent to “announcer”.

Please change it back to “main”.

Your invocation word can be whatever you want, but in the main intent and utterance, change nothing.

I have two skills, one main and one announcer. The announcer is actually a profile name … to do the audio push notifications TTS … here is a screen shot of my skills / intents

that is how I have previously had this config. and it worked great.

as detail- I was / am trying to call the announcer skill -to do an notification on a speaker. Perhaps I should have said that to start. You know that is my fav part of the app!

No, you are fine, I got it from your Logs that announcer was a Profile…just one more favor to ask before I dig more. Can you make sure the Profile app is up to date? Then just go in the app and open EchoSistant, open the Announcer and then click done to Initialize both apps…

sorry, I read that wrong…

Ok, that’s a progress…Been trying to replicate the error on my end. But I am unable. Hopefully Updating will take care of the issue. if not, I may need you to update again with a debugger enabled…

latest version - correct ?

No… that’s old.

follow the links in the wiki… they are all on the most current.


I thought I did – back tracking now … hold on

Also, that is not the right add-on, sorry. For the tts you need Messaging and Control Profile Add-on

Ikes… this is where in the weeds users get all messed up - or at least I DO !

so can we look at the wiki ?
the dates are not current in the pointers and I think it gets rather difficult to follow

How many apps are to be installed in the IDE smart apps?
can you mark this screen shot up ?

well, not looking at the dates… let’s follow the names…as that is what the directions are saying…

install the main parent app

  • this needs the lambda code
  • main custom slots
  • main intent
  • main utterances

then you install the Messaging and Control Profile child app. The directions say this one is mandatory.

  • this needs the profile intent
  • profile utterances
  • profile custom slots

then, there are three add on modules… that you install IF you want to…

  • notifications profile module
  • security suite module
  • virtual person

Pretty self explanatory for weeds… the directions also have the appropriate links for the user to follow in the order that they need to install things.

does that help?

For Tts to work you need these two ST apps…

Main Parent App
Messaging and Control Profile app

well - I see where some of my confusion comes- I am trying to “match” between the IDE NAME after an install and the WIKI name - looking at code / date and version ----
There are 12 Git hub repo’s to a complete full install - it is a process - and if you look to get names/ dates aligned it gets hairy (IMO)

in for example

[quote=“bamarayne, post:720, topic:78309”]
then you install the Messaging and Control Profile child app
In the IDE (after install ) it is Labled

I will go back and open / look at each app in IDE and be sure I have it straight.

Remember to us average Joe’s when we dont see a name in the IDE match an app it unnerves us !

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You may still find slight differences lol…Good point though…

Main Parent App = Echo: EchoSistant
Messaging and Control Profile = Echo: Profile

I understand… I just wanted to break it all down so that if a user has to update the main intent and the main app, they can go straight to them.

I’ll get all of the dates up to date, but it’s tough… we are pushing changes, modifications, and improvements almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day.

The app is very actively being developed.

I’m just going to remove the dates from the wiki… since they cause confusion…