[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 2.0 - Use Alexa as free-form text

OK so the ‘connected’ speaker needs to be connected to SmartThings, not to the Echo? I have an external speaker which has a bluetooth connection and can connect to the Echo, but it sounds like that wouldn’t work?

It has to be able to be seen via ST. Connecting it to the Echo just basically uses the Echo as a BT speaker.

OK thanks. Shame, I had a vision of a true intercom system using only my Echos. Hopefully that TTS feature is added soon.

yeah, i really hope the release that ability soon… I’m looking forward to it.

What about some sort of media receiver that can receive the TTS message, and then it connects to the Echo via bluetooth and the Echo ‘speaks’ the message?

That’s where the app “LanDroid” comes into play… follow this link… set your system up this way and then this app will work for you…

you follow the links in the first post. Do not use the Big talker app. or you can if you want to. What matters is having the landroid software on your android device, and in the ST environment. then you’re good.

Gotcha. What’s the simplest and cheapest Android device to use? I’m an iPhone user so don’t have old android phones lying around.

I went to Wal-Mart and going some cheap junk phones for 10.00 on clearance.

They just have to have android 5.0 or higher.

I see this one but it says it only has android 4.4. No good? I can’t upgrade android myself, like iOS?

Looks like this would work:

Yeah those would work. I recommend you go in the store and look for the unadvertised clearance items.

But it must run android 5? The first one I linked to only has android 4.4 installed.

It had to be at least 5.0

OK thank you

We are deep into version three of EchoSistant and we believe you are really going to enjoy the enhancements and new features…

But we are really needing feedback from you.

So, gives us your ideas. What do you want?



I tell you want I want to do, could you confirm if eachosistant (or alexa helper) could achieve this for me.

I want to be able to say something to Alexa, “she” converts it into text, and then I append this to a youtube URL. This then could then be pipped to my TV as part of a XML request to provide voice activated search capability. The TV/XML part would be handled by smartthings.


Sure, freeing your imagination using Alexa is our goal with Echosistant. The free text part is covered. The posting to youtube might be done with CoRE and the rest is on you…

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how does the text response come through?

It goes into CoRE as a variable.

I broke the connection somewhere. Alexa understands me and ST responds, but looks like a “false” is being sent to Lambda. Any idea what could be wrong?