Cedia 2018

(Jimmy) #1

Figured we could post some SmartThings relevant CEDIA 2018 news here since it started today.

LeakSmart has a new valve out that doesn’t require cutting into the pipes. Called the Snap. Uses Zigbee 3.0 and claims to work with ball, gate and globe valves


That’s nice, nut that is just another hub with cloud-2-cloud integration.

My question is why not just get one of the z-wave enabled valve controllers and use one of the man-many leak sensors already out there and connect them to SmartThings hub you already have?

To me, it is more $$ to spend.

(Jimmy) #3

It’s zigbee 3.0, which falls back the ZHA. So most likely could use it directly with SmartThings like their older valves can.

(Allan) #4

This is what my Dome one already does…or am I missing something?

(Jimmy) #5

not missing anything per se. just posting new products and news. Also, dome only works with lever 90 degree valves.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #6

Also, Dome is Z-Wave, not Zigbee. So, there is that.

(Bob Kerr) #7

Also at CEDIA… anyone has one of these to share their experience?

(Benji) #8

I’ve been pretty interested in this as an upgrade to a Harmony, keep in mind the last post on that thread was September of 2017, after which there seem to have been significant updates that have apparently greatly improved the platform so will need further checking.

(Jimmy) #9

This is technically from IFA, but noticed the implant was at the z-wave pavilion at Cedia. Looks like a way to wire in a z-wave device that controlls old school buttons.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #10

Interesting. I would love to be able to smart-enable my over the range microwave oven’s fan and maybe the light. The fan in case smoke is detected and the light for various scenes involving the kitchen.

(Jimmy) #11

Apparently Dome announced their range extender at CEDIA 2018. Why anyone would want to buy an extender nowadays I don’t know, but there it is

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #12

I wonder what they mean by the LED works as an “indicator”?

If it can be turned on/off like a smart bulb, then we can think of millions of uses for such a status indicator. Even better if it was multi-colored, but that would have taken, ummm… foresight?

Extender has an LED light that works as a nightlight and can also act as an indicator in regular mode.


(Jimmy) #13

Doesn’t look like it has the switch or multilevel capability that lights and dimmers normally have :frowning: