Deleted virtual hub, lost physical hub and all devices

Upgraded to the new app, it’s been working well. Looking at the list I had 2 virtual hubs and my physical v1 hub. It’s been working great and support said it would work fine with the new app. I was deleting a couple of devices from my list that I no longer used and thought I could delete the 2 virtual hubs. When I did, ALL of my devices were gone. Tried logging out of the app and back in. Logged into to see if it’s there but no dice. I tried to include the hub again but it asks for a welcome code, not sure where it is or where I get it. The only other option is to do a factory reset. I will do that if necessary, but if I can recover the 30 or so devices without having re-attach each one, that would be good. Please let me know if there is any chance to re-add my hub without a factory reset and or recover all my devices.

did you check to see if you may have multiple locations? in which case, you may need to simply switch to the other location to find your hub and devices.

No. Just one location. Trying to re add the hub is proving difficult. I need an invite code, not seeing where that comes from. The card is long gone.

Do you want the bad news first or the possibly very bad news…

first, if you can’t find the code, you will need to contact ST support. Calling when they are available is generally the fastest way to resolve an issue.

second, the possibly very bad news… the v1 hub may be phased out at sometime in the coming months. ST posted a thread saying legacy hubs would be phased out with plenty of notice. Do you really want to reset everything up now with the v1, only to need to redo it in several months. But having said that, there may be a migration tool available (only it does not work for the v1 hub)

excerpt from the thread below
Phase 2

  • Optimize SmartThings Core API SDK for JavaScript and the CLI for device manufacturers to implement custom capabilities.
  • Rollout additional features to help us grow toward an API-first platform.
  • Retire select legacy hubs – Don’t worry, affected users will have plenty of time to move to a newer version of Hub.
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Yea, I thought that might be the case. Too bad. It was working great with the new app, I was just trying to clean up a few things.