Deleted Device Thing Continues to Reappear

(Bill Allemon) #1

I have a number of Things that continue to reappear in the mobile app after I delete them. This is happening with a few Philips lamps, although I have had this problem with a WeMo switch, so I don’t think this is device dependent. I have gone into the API to delete the device there, but it still reappears after some time. The behavior doesn’t seem to be specific to the lamp, but rather a configuration for a device that refuses to die. Any advice on how I can permanently kill these two old device setups? They are duplicating new Things created with the same physical device. Thanks.

(John C) #2

You might try contacting SmartThings Support. Others have reported they are helpful removing “stubborn” devices…

(Mark) #3

Is this only happening with devices that connect to your ST hub via your LAN? Or zigbee/z-wave devices too?

It sounds like that LAN autodiscover feature they added earlier this year. I don’t have any of these kinds of devices connected to my hub so I never experience this.