Deleted Device Thing Continues to Reappear

I have a number of Things that continue to reappear in the mobile app after I delete them. This is happening with a few Philips lamps, although I have had this problem with a WeMo switch, so I don’t think this is device dependent. I have gone into the API to delete the device there, but it still reappears after some time. The behavior doesn’t seem to be specific to the lamp, but rather a configuration for a device that refuses to die. Any advice on how I can permanently kill these two old device setups? They are duplicating new Things created with the same physical device. Thanks.

You might try contacting SmartThings Support. Others have reported they are helpful removing “stubborn” devices…

Is this only happening with devices that connect to your ST hub via your LAN? Or zigbee/z-wave devices too?

It sounds like that LAN autodiscover feature they added earlier this year. I don’t have any of these kinds of devices connected to my hub so I never experience this.

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