Delete smartapp

(Louis Parks) #1

I seem to have forgotten to include an uninstall parameter on my smartapp. Now I can’t seem to remove it from the My Apps section. Is there another way to delete it?


(Brian Steere) #2

You should be able to delete it from the IDE.

Also, you can add the uninstall param and publish your app. Then it should let you uninstall.

(Chrisb) #3

Is it even possible to not have it uninstallable? I don’t recall seeing in a SmartApp where you have to put in a commend to uninstall.

Where are you trying to remove it from? The MyApps section in your mobile phone? Or from the installed SmartApps that you are currently running.

(Brian Steere) #4

I think there is a way if you’re using pages. You can specifically state that some pages aren’t valid uninstall targets

(Louis Parks) #5

Thanks guys, I didn’t realize that publishing updated a currently installed app.
Problem solved.