Unable to delete some smartapps (Jan 2023)

I am running into some issues removing some no longer used smart apps. They are already removed from the app running on my phone, but I noticed when I went to the IDE that there was still some stuff left over. I was able to delete some of them, but others give me some errors.

One class of error just gives me a server 500 error (I presume I’ll need to contact support for help there)

The other class of error is that it says that it is installed by one or more users.

Any ideas?

Please provide more details on which smartapps you are attempting to remove in IDE and the associated error messages for each. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think I was able to “work around it”. What I did was basically go to the list of smart apps from the locations page. Edit that list to Uninstall ones I didn’t want. I could then go to my smart apps list and remove them without error.

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