Delete past events/messages/activity

Could somebody tell me how to delete/remove the past SHM events, and also messages/activity from notifications, please? Thanks!

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Click on the event and hit delete.

Sorry for not making this more specific, even though I did post it in the [Mobile App] section. I’d like to be able to delete multiple events/notifications using my ST mobile app on the phone, but I don’t see any options for deleting. It feels like there is much clutter due to older events/notifications, and I’d like to be able to bulk edit/delete them.

BTW, is there a specific version of the app that I’m supposed to be running? It was my understanding that the app auto-updates, so I’m guessing that I do have most recent version, but don’t see any delete options though.

Along with EmeySK, I want to delete my old activity logs. I don’t need to know when each garage door opened and closed for months on end.

I tried clicking on the activity to delete it, but nothing happens.

Is there any way to clean these up?


Re-igniting this thread.

Is there a way to delete from the Notifications/Messages/Activity Feed? Any way at all.

Plus one I would like to wipe my Notifications/Messages/Activity Feed but cannot find a way to do so.

Me too! I test each water leak sensor at installation then I dismiss it since it was a test. I still have history reports even though the last entry shows it was dismissed. There has to be a way to delete these history logs.

Let’s add a little more fuel to the fire. I’m wonder as well. There seems to be no way to delete event history outside deleting the device and adding it back. Surely there’s a way.

Why do you think there’s a way? Just like there’s a way to migrate from one Hub to a new one? Surely there’s a way…, right?

Simply put: Every function or feature doesn’t get implemented by magic or at random. Someone has to decide to implement it. Those decisions may be based on nothing or may be based on profit, or on complexity, or what the Product Manager had for lunch on Thursday.

But if based on logic, consider that the number of SmartThings Customers who really, really want to delete history are about 0.1% of all Customers (probably much, much fewer). It makes no sense to put aside any resources to implement this. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen: Just make sure the Product Manager gets an extra tasty sandwich for lunch next week.

Or encourage everyone who wants this feature to write to and to note it specifically in their Review of the App in the Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon.


This I highly doubt.

Adding myself to the list of 0.1% who want this feature.

This Topic has been open for 3 years and only has 10 people commenting.

Compare that to many other Feature Request discussions in the Community.

Essentially nobody wants this.