Delayed piston execution how to troubleshoot

Hi all, so I having some trouble with delayed piston execution.

Its working fine for me in one of my rooms with the same setup but in the other has problems. I am turning on or off hue lights with a qubino relay. If the qubino is on then so should the hue lights. If the qubino is off then should the hue lights. It works almost instantly in one room but the other two relays in the other room are delayed.

Sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds or a minute before ST realises that I have switched it on. Then it works. Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this?


Just to add: when I control the on / off of the relay via my phone it works instantly every time.

So it seems like there is a problem with the relay updating ST about its status change. Just strange because the other room works fine.

Which specific model number?

In any case, check the user manual, there may be parameters you can set for status reporting, which would explain the difference. It would work fine from the app because smartthings would know as soon as you changed it in the app. When you change it from the switch, smartthings has to wait for the switch to report the change. So that’s why my first thought was a parameter setting, but I don’t know if that’s available or not, and it will definitely depend on the model.

Its the Qubino flush dimmer that I am using. One of these:

I have looked through the documentation and the closest thing I can find to what you have mentioned is this:


I’m not feeling well today, but hopefully someone else can help walk you through how to use the Z wave tweaker to check and see if the parameter settings are the same on the one that is working and the one that is not. That’s just an easy thing to eliminate, so it’s the first step I would take in troubleshooting.

Separately from that, when’s the last time you ran the zwave repair utility?

That can often clear of latency issues, but it can take a while for all the neighbour tables to be built so you may not see improvements until the next day.

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So doing the zwave repair seems to have fixed it! It would be good to know how to read out the parameters with zwave tweaker though…

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Thanks for you help with this

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Sorry, I’m still under the weather, but if you ask your questions about the tweaker in the author thread for that code, someone there will be able to help you. The author gets automatically notified when posts are added to the thread, and other people using that specific code will also see it and may have ideas.