Delay loading IDE and App responce lag

I have a V2 hub and since the last update to the firmware I see it takes longer after logon to IDE for it to load and a long delay in switching from sections such as “Smart Apps”, Devices etc.

I also noticed that things that require a response such as arming my alarm SA there is a delay of about 2 seconds. Also lights also show a slight delay when I switch on.

I am seeing the same as well.

I’d have to say I am seeing this behavior as well…

I put in a trouble ticket, but for some reason I didn’t get the email saying they received it. So if you want send a ticket in.

Things are slow here too. Thought it was just me so I rebooted the hub and all my devices. No improvement. Lag in commands, Android app is slow and IDE is timing out.

Support ticket opened.

We got a ticket from you at ~330p et yesterday. Not sure why you didn’t get an automated email… it might have been related to some maintenance Zendesk was doing, but they are usually reliable for this kind of stuff, so I’ll look into it.

Any chance you might have started using Git Hub integration about the same time? Smart apps and DTH pages get slower and slower for me the more apps/DTHs I sync.

No I have been using get Hub since it was available. I even removed Get Hub for Rule Machine and then removed it. So I have even less now than before regarding smart apps.

I never received an automated reply for my ticket either

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I received this yesterday. I removed every non used or not needed Device Type and SmartApp and still 30 seconds to 1 minute to load on a high speed fiber line.

Thank you so much for letting us know about the slow load times in our IDE, and we’d like to apologize for this delay. :frowning:

Regarding why your IDE runs a bit slower, it could be simply because you’ve got a lot of custom SmartApps and Device Handlers loaded up in your SmartThings account. Somewhere in there, whether its one of your customer SmartApps or Device Handlers, may be slowing down your “SmartApps” and “Device Handlers” tab load times. You may benefit from removing some of those items, and that would essentially quicken your load times.

Of course, I’ve made sure to forward this information to our development crew and if we see any trending issues with other customers, we’ll definitely get a hot fix applied.

If you need a custom device type how can they ask you to remove it. It has been on my IDE for over a year and never had a problem.