Delay lighting with Switch

Is there a way to have a light turn on x-minutes after a switch is triggered on. I have an espresso machine that takes 30 minutes to heat that is on a switch connected to Smartthings. I also have the under the cabinet lights on a switch connected to Smarttthings. It would be ideal if the lights under the cabinets would turn on 30 minutes after the ‘coffee switch’ turns on letting me know the coffee is ready to brew. Right now, if I have company, I have to ask Alexa for a 30 minute timer which is not ideal.

Install webCoRE

Make rule:
Switch 1 changes to On
Using Switch 2
Wait 30 minutes
Turn On

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Thanks, will play with it tonight. I’ve never attempted it yet.

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You can definitely do it with web core, so if you’re already using it, that would be the best way.

If you haven’t started with with core yet and you want something a little simpler you can do it with a virtual switch and the official smart lighting feature to create a three step sequence:

One) the initial trigger turns on the virtual switch

Two) use the “power allowance” feature and smart lighting to have the virtual switch turn itself off after 30 minutes

Three) use smart lighting to have the delayed switch turn itself on when the virtual switch turns itself off

This is similar to creating a regular virtual timer, the only difference is in step three where instead of having the real light just follow the virtual light, you have the real light come on when the virtual light goes off.

You can get details on creating a virtual timer in the how to article in the community – created wiki.

But again, if you’re already using webcore, I would definitely do it that way. :sunglasses:

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