Turn light ON a few seconds to a minute after turning off? Possible?

New to SmartThings, been using OpenHAB, and previously Vera.

I have a Z-Wave light switch used in my bedroom that I want to turn on 5 seconds after turning off. I can’t find a way to do it. I can do the opposite, but not this direction…any way to do it?

The reason is that it controls a ceiling fan on a remote control, and so I can turn the light and fan off by voice, but if I don’t turn it back on, then I can’t control via remote. Also, if it turns on too fast, then the fan/light doesn’t actually turn off.

Any ideas?

I think I have it figured out.

I Created a virtual switch. Then did the following 3 automations…seems to work, but haven’t tested heavily:

Turn OFF the Virtual switch 1 minute after turning on the Virtual switch (using power allowance timer)

Turn on the Bedroom light when the Virtual Switch turns off

turn on the Virtual Switch when the Bedroom light turns off

You could also do it in webCore more simply. IF the the light switch turns off THEN wait 5 seconds and THEN turn on the light switch.

I have found various instructions on how to install webcore, and none of them seem to be right…can you point me to a link that is current?

What @prjct92eh2 said.

You can also go to https://community.webcore.co/ . One of the video tutorials is an installation video.

The forum there is great for when you need help designing a piston!

I was out of town, so sorry for the late reply…

I went through the tutorial, and everything works fine, until I get to the phone app. When I click on the automation setting, I never get the smartapps tab. not sure why. Although, his app in the video looks different than mine.

OK, I installed the classic app, and now I see it. I assume there is no way in the new app to do this?

not yet in the new app

I don’t see a ‘wait’ on the ‘then’ side of things. I see a timer, but it says that it should be no less than 30 seconds. Am I missing something?

I 'm trying to create:

If light turns off
wait 5 seconds
turn light on

If you’re willing to make the interval one minute, you don’t need Webcore to do this: you just daisychain a virtual timer.

have the timer turn itself on when the real light turns off, then have the timer turn itself off after one minute using the official “power allowance” feature, then have the real light turn itself ON when the virtual timer turns itself off.

See the how to article in the community-created wiki. The examples are from the classic app, but the same concept applies.



Real light turns on. Nothing else happens.

Real light turns off. Virtual timer turns on.

Virtual timer turns itself off after one minute because of the power allowance feature.

Real light turns on because the virtual timer turned off.

But you can’t do it after only five seconds, so if you need that, you will have to try Webcore. Just be aware that the Z wave protocol expects there to be a minimum of 30 seconds between each command for a single device, so even if webcore will let you issue the command in a shorter interval it may not always work.

You don’t want that timer from the button to the right. That is for recurring actions.

For the THEN, select Add an Action, then in the Add a New Action box, click on the Add a Task button, lower right. From the Do dropdown, select Wait and specify the number of seconds.

Thanks, I have it working now.

Also, just in case someone reads this in the future, once I setup WebCore in the classic app, it appears to also work in the new app.