How can I get a smart switch to turn off 20 minutes after it has been turned on?

I have an inexpensive (round) wifi switch. I activated it with the Smart Life APP. I create a virtual switch for it in Smartthings. So I can control it via both plus Alexa. What I want to do id simply have it turn off automatically 20 minutes after it is turned on. (Toaster oven that family members forget to turn off when their food is done). Can you help?

That’s an easy one using the built in Smart Lighting app.

Just configure a new Smart Lighting Automation as show below:

This is going to seem like a big leap, but I would strongly suggest checking out webCoRE.

It’s a fantastic community developed ST app that allows you to build very simple to very complex logic. There is also a very helpful community.

You may think this is overkill, but trust me when I say it’s power is very addicting. You can start with an easy example like the one you’ve mentioned and then build from there. I use it for lighting, HVAC, safety/security, etc.


I have 3 automations that look just like this. No luck. What is the trigger? Turning on the switch?

Yes, turning on the switch should do it. However, you mention you have a WiFi switch with a custom Virtual switch. When you trip the WiFi switch manually (via physical button on the device, or using the Smart Life application), does your virtual switch in SmartThings change state automatically? If not, there’s your problem.

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Assuming you have two IFTTT applets, one that turns the physical switch on when the virtual switch turns on, and one that turns the physical switch off with the virtual switch turns off, it’s easy. :sunglasses:

As others have said, you just use the “power allowance” Option in the official smartlighting feature to have your virtual switch turn itself off after 20 minutes.

Since you already have the IFTTT applet set up, Every time the virtual switch turns off, the physical switch will turn off as well.

The timing won’t be perfect as IFTTT could introduce a little lag, But for your purposes it should be good enough.

There is a how to article in the community – created wiki on creating a virtual timer for a light which will show you the general process. :sunglasses:

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Thank you all. Got it to work. Thanks. Just did not give it enough time to activate.

Ogiewan was right and i was wrong. But don’t tell my wife!