Ring doorbell activate light after XX seconds delay vs XX minutes delay

Been trying to dig around for a couple days to figure this out. I did utilize this - http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=How_to_create_a_virtual_timer_for_a_light . I have a virtual switch going but it only works with number of minutes using the power allowance feature. I was hoping to have an outlet switch on (light attached to that outlet) , say 5 seconds after my ring doorbell button was pushed. Any thoughts? thanks so much

Do yourself a huge favor and install webCoRE!

It will do most things that are possible in ST.


Thanks, Thought I had looked at that late last night and seemed to involve writing code which I haven’t done in probably a decade and hardly understood it back then. Ill give it another look

Once you get it installed, setting up new rules is easy enough.

Wow once I got through it all it was pretty straight forward using a couple helpful guides! got it doing exactly what I want within a few minutes after getting things setup. Thanks so much! (In case anyone else stumbles upon this and wants to do something similar… ) - went to this walk through first —> https://wiki.webcore.co/ Then used this walk through to help get started creating a ‘piston’ ----> https://wiki.webcore.co/Creating_your_first_piston I have a light that kicks on after 5 seconds then turns off 90 seconds after that. SO Much easier then trying to create a virtual switch that shuts itself off after x amount of time then have another routine call that virtual switch etc etc…


This makes me smile!