Looking for an app that allows me to turn off the lights after a couple of minutes

(Raul Pared) #1

i have GE 12722 and 12733 switches installed on stairs. I want to have the lights to turn off after i turned them on…
so i am going upstairs, (turn on lights) after i get to the top of the stairs (20 sec later) I want that same light to turn off automatically after a set amount of time

any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!

(Tim) #2

I believe CoRE can do this. Check out the Wiki page for installation and setup instructions.

I’m thinking this could be a basic “Piston” or rule that triggers when the light turns on, waits a duration of time and then takes action to turn the light off.

(Ben W) #3

Smartlighintg can do this too, it is under power allowance. The lowest is 1 minute. I have motion triggered lights in the stairs and the 1 minute is a pretty good number

Advantage over CoRe is it will run locally, and is a offical smartApp. Core is awesome, but I always try to make my rules first in smartlighting.


As with many cases, smartthings is very powerful, but not always very intuitive.

You can use the official smart lighting feature to set up a virtual timer for a light, but you also need to create a virtual switch to act as that timer. There is a how to article in the community – created wiki with the instructions:


You could also definitely use core if you want. Core is a very sophisticated rules engine created by the community. But it does require that you install custom code and it may be overkill if you just need a timer for a couple of lights.

(Raul Pared) #5

i am using smartthings hub v2 and i do not see where the power allowance is on the smartthing app

(Ben W) #6

Its under “Trigger” in the Smart Lighting app.


The exact instructions (including screenshots) are listed in point two in the virtual timer article in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:


Most likely the issue is that you didn’t pick “off” at the beginning. As I said, SmartThings is powerful, but not intuitive.


You can also try SmartRules app if you’re looking for an easy, quick fix. I use it for many things but can be unreliable at times. I also happen to use it as a timer for my stairs light

(Raul Pared) #9

got it working using power allowance but as someone mentioned the lowest is 1 minute. I would like it to be 30 sec thank for every bodies responsde