Delay alarm for presence sensor

Is there a way to delay smart home hub from triggering an alarm for a minute or so to wait for it to detect a presence sensor. When I come home and open my door, it immediately triggers the alarm then a few seconds later, detects my presence sensor and disarms the system. Is there any way to delay it just a few seconds or a minute so it has time to register the presence sensor?


Have you just tried making your Geo fence circle a little larger in the app, that way it’ll disarm when your slightly further away.


You, like me and many others on this forum want Smarthome to have a builtin entry delay. However, it can be simulated by:

  1. go to, click in “My Locations”, click on your location name (important or you may get the wrong server), then click my devices, then create a simulated contact sensor.
  2. Change Smarthome to monitor the simulated contact sensor, and remove the entry door from monitoring.
  3. Run the following two Pistons in CoRE or WebCore

…If original real Entry Door sensor contact changes to Open (Restriction Armed/Stay or Armed/Away)
*Using Simulated Contact Sensor
–>Close (If it is open here SmartHome does not issue an Alarm on this sensor)
–>Wait 30 seconds
–>Open (this triggers Smarthome)
–>Wait 5 seconds

…Check if original real Entry Door Sensor is open when system is Armed. It is no longer monitored by SmartHome
Trigger happens every 1 minutes AND
FrontDoor Sensor contact was open for at least 1 minute
Restriction: execute only in Armed/Stay or Armed/Away
–>Send SMS message (or notification)

Once I’ve created a Simulated Contact Sensor, how do I get it to show up on my list of devices in the WebCore dashboard? I currently don’t have the ability to use this in any pistons.