Default device status

Hi everyone,

This is my first post… I’ve search extensively for a solution for this but, I was unable to find it anywhere. Trying my luck here !! :slight_smile:

I have a multisensor from samsung. One device shows the status I need… which is open or closed. The other on, which is the same kinda of device, is showing the status for when there’s movement or vibration on it.

I was playing around with the IDE simulator to add a. Xiaomi Amara sensor. And tested it, by accident on the wrong device with the simulator.

Now, I’m unable to change ir back to it’s original state. Any thought. On how to get it done ?

Thanks a bunch for your attention !!

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A previous feature in the Classic app was the ability to select which tile is visible in that list. Your device was likely configured to show active/inactive years ago. I reset the preference and you should now see open/closed for both devices.

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Awesome… I see it the way I wanted now… Thanks a bunch Brad. I’ll assume you work at the smartthings division, right ? :slight_smile:


Yes, 5+ years now :slight_smile:


I’d hope so if he was able to get into your account and set a preference for you :slight_smile: